Little Tokyo, L.A.: 2,000 Protesters Say “Never Again Is Now!” to Government Plans for Concentration Camps for Immigrant Children



Photo: @Josie Huang/Twitter

On June 27, more than 2,000 people gathered outside the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles to protest the government’s moves to establish a concentration camp for immigrant children at Fort Sill, a military base which during World War 2 was a concentration camp for 700 men of Japanese descent. The rally site was the very place where, during World War 2, people of Japanese descent were lined up to board buses taking them to those concentration camps across the western U.S.

Japanese and Korean Americans, including many youth, were joined by Native American and Latino people, middle-aged and young white people, and others. Speakers from various perspectives exposed the crimes of this country—from slavery to genocide of Native people to what’s being done to immigrants today. On the stage and among the crowd, people chanted: NEVER AGAIN IS NOW!


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