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Letter 1

TX, 8/2/2019

“WHY are People Not acting? How do we Solve this Problem?” This question was posed on the July 15 issue of The Revolution News Paper.

Well for one, alot of people tend to not give a fuck! Especially here in the U.S.A., their lives are OK, they doing alright, so to them it’s a mindstate of who cares what happening to other people. All they care for is themselves, try to live happily and die peacfully. I guess you can call that “culture of individualism”….

I can tell you why I choose to act, why im quick to go into action, why I fervently advocate for others to go into action, when it comes to fighting against oppression. Why I eagerly and Enthusiastically Study and educate myself on Revolution and Communist history and thought in order to find lessons in the past that can help us today, and also further learn about the world around me, the reality We find ourselves in.

It is all due to the fact that I get sad, my heart strings twist at all the injustices, all the oppression around me and abroad. All the people getting killed, all the people dying because of other peoples greed. All the people who are senselessly suffering because they have to go without, go without not because they were “stupid” or “lazy”, but because the Social Conditions of where they live are not set up to favor them. The “Game” as how the Capitalist & Black Market Capitalist (i.e. Gangsters) like to call it, is rigged against those People.

It breaks my heart to see the suffering in the faces of those migrants, the refugees who throw it all on the line to escape the country that, mind you, the imperialist countries has contributed and has had a hand in fucking up economically. And then only to get here to the perpetrating country and be denied entrance, in my eyes, its not only denying entrance, its denying those people the right to live! What must go through the migrant refugee’s mind? “You fucked up my country to the point that its impossible to live there, and you can’t even let me live in yours?!?, your ignorant citizens scream at us ‘go back to your country’ and ‘fix your own damn country’. WE CAN’T! the moment that we try, the moment that we unite and attempt to “fix” our country, your imperialist country swoops down on us and massacres us!” Those thoughts is what I can only imagine must be going through those peoples minds.

And you know, all the sadness that all that makes me feel, the more I think about it, it starts to make me MAD! I start to get angry, the injustice and oppression begin to infuriate me. And in that anger, that fire that builds up inside my chest is what I use to ACT! it’s what propels me to ACT, it’s what encourages me to educate myself and others.

Yes comrades, you are all doing the right thing in educating the masses, you know education goes hand-in-hand with liberation. It is how we can solve this Problem of People not acting. Some People are ignorant to the facts, and how do you expect people to get mad when they have no idea that they are being fucked over. Remember this, the lower classes and the proletariat class, historically have been at times ignorant to the facts. Not because they are “Stupid” or they just “don’t give a fuck, but because they are so busy struggling to survive that they don’t know what the fuck is going on. Yes they are aware that something is UP, but they don’t know what.

That’s where the Vanguard Party comes into Play, it is our duty to educate and lead the masses. Its hard for me to ask of the Vanguard Party to have Patience when it comes to educating, since time is not something that we have at our side. Just don’t give up on the masses. The masses, on top of struggling for survival, at the same time are bombarded with all this bourgeoisie Culture Propaganda. So it is our duty to help the masses decipher and filter all this bullshit that’s thrown at them everyday since the day that they are born.

It is not an easy task, but let us not be intimidated at the colossus we face. We must have confidence in ourselves, in our Vanguard Party, and in our Principles; so that in turn we inspire confidence inside the hearts of the masses. Let them know that they are not alone in the fight against injustice and oppression, we must inspire in the masses of people hope, hope that humanity can win and finally break the long overdue chains that capital-imperialism imposes on all human kind and the earth alike.

I’ll end this letter here, yall take care out there and keep Ya heads up, always remember to not give up. When things get difficult, always remember and tell yourself, its for the cause and keep up the good fight!!

With you, and in struggle


Letter 2

Excerpt of a letter from a prisoner in Illinois, August 7, 2019


The Nuremberg style rallies of the fascist Trump/Pence regime, along with the fact this country was founded on genocide and slavery, and the constant depiction of whole groups of human beings as “criminals” and “invaders”, set the stage for the horrific and racist mass shooting that was unleashed in El Paso, Texas at a Walmart after a gunman determined that enough “Mexicans” were present before opening fire... this is the logic of fascism taking over in the 21st century!

We musn't allow Beto O'Rourke and the “Democratic Party” to extinguish and corral our righteous anger.  And appealing to the “sensibilities” of Trump and the fascists is beyond comprehension and outrageous on so many levels—Hitler even condemned the attacks on Jewish people when it was politically necessary to do so. 

Refuse Fascism has issued a Call to Action with a plan and strategy of sustained, unrelenting, nonviolent mass protest by millions of people that does not quit until this hated regime is gone.  Parts of the world that have gone before us in removing tyrannical regimes include South Korea, Armenia, Algeria, Sudan, Puerto Rico, and Honduras.  As Bob Avakian has bluntly said in his recent talk “Individualism, BEB and the Illusion of ‘Painless Progress’”:  [BEB is short for “Bourgeois Electoral Bullshit”]

For the millions, and tens of millions, who say they hate everything Trump stands for and what he is doing but who, after all this time, have still not taken to the streets in sustained mobilization demanding that the Trump/Pence regime must go, this makes them collaborators with this fascist regime and themselves guilty of the egregious crime of tolerating this regime when they still could have the possibility of achieving the demand that it must go, through such mass mobilization!


Letter 3

From a prisoner in Illinois, September 7, 2019 

RE: Defending and Supporting Revolution Books, Berkeley 


If possible, could you sign the statement defending Revolution Books, Berkeley on my behalf and forward friends my statement of support: 

Revolution Books, Berkeley is near and dear to my heart. As a prisoner who has been buried alive for most of his life on one of Amerikkka’s dungeons, this was the bookstore that first introduced me to the revolutionary leadership and works of Bob Avakian, and provided me with the necessary materials that challenged me to develop and deepen a more scientific method and approach in confronting reality as it actually is. This intellectual, cultural, and political center of the movement for an actual revolution must be supported and defended at all cost from these deplorable MAGA fascists and their attempt to implement an “Index of Forbidden Books” in the 21st century!!

- Prisoner In Illinois - 


They Are Coming for the Immigrants... and What the Hell Are People Doing?!?

July 15, 2019

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Q&A: Bob Avakian's Answer to People Who Complain about Immigrants Crossing Borders

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The following is taken from a recent talk given by Bob Avakian

Individualism, BEB and the Illusion of "Painless Progress"

With a Note Added by the Author, Fall 2019

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September 1, 2019. After the press conference, there was a commotion outside of the bookstore as the fascists tried to march toward the store. Bookstore supporters and anti-fascists linked arms in front of the store.


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