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Let’s provoke a societal debate on American chauvinism with Bob Avakian’s challenge



From a Member of the National Revolution Tour:

“In confronting and moving to prevent [the full imposition of fascism], one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way, and weighing people down, is American chauvinism—the disgusting notion that America and Americans are better and more important than everybody else.”—Bob Avakian

Now’s the time to reach students and youth with the basic truth and challenge in the statement from Bob Avakian on the Great Tautological Fallacy. Text here and videos here and here.

Play the video on walls, in dorms, in classrooms. Distribute flyers everywhere. Call people together for discussions and debates—online and in person. What creative ideas do the students themselves have? Make plans to get this in thousands of people’s hands at the Women’s Marches THIS Saturday.

For a generation whose whole lives have been lived against the backdrop of endless, unjust wars carried out by their government in their name with little to no opposition since these wars began, this urgently needs to be discussed and debated. While the fascist regime attacks and terrorizes the people of Iran and the Middle East, what is the responsibility of people in the U.S.? What is the actual history of this country and its role in the world up to today? What are the consequences of this? Is the American Dream humanity’s nightmare? Why or why not? Can it or should it be a force for “stability” in the region? What do we need to do about all this?




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