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The National Revolution Tour is heading into the thick of things this week as the battle for removal of the fascist Trump/Pence regime heats up with the impeachment trial in the Senate and as fascists gather in Richmond, Virginia, under the phony banner of “gun rights.” In the midst of all this, the Tour is bringing out the need for revolution to overthrow this system and bring about a whole different future for humanity… and it needs your support! Be part of this historic undertaking by donating urgently needed funds for travel, lodging and food.

Members of the National Revolution Tour traveled to Washington, D.C., on the 15th of January as the articles of impeachment were delivered to the Senate. On the streets of DC, on the radio, and online, they promoted the need to drive this fascist regime OUT NOW. And as part of Refuse Fascism’s #OUTNOW contingent in the Women’s March, they boldly projected revolution and the new communism brought forward by Bob Avakian into the mix, including massively getting out this broadsheet from his speech exposing the Trump/Pence fascist regime.

The Tour has issued a statement, “Stand Up and Oppose the January 20 Fascist ‘Gun Rights’ Rally in Richmond, Virginia!” Some members of the Tour will be taking this message out in Richmond while others remain in DC, going into neighborhoods with their whole revolutionary message in the roiling mix that will be going on around impeachment.

Then they will stay in DC through most of the week, finding ways from the perspective of revolution to push further on this crisis of the system—a crisis where the stakes for humanity all over the world are very high.

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