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Trump and Pence #OUTNOW!

If Trump is acquitted in a sham trial, a fascist regime will barrel ahead with disastrous consequences for humanity.

Protest at the U.S. Capitol

Sunday February 2, 4:00 pm: #OutNOW Mass Meeting in Washington, D.C.
Luther Place Memorial Church 1226 Vermont Ave. NW




Trump is on trial in the Senate. Democrats have finished presenting their argument for conviction and removal, but with Republicans stonewalling the entire process, the most likely outcome is a quick acquittal in a sham trial...UNLESS the people act now, flooding the streets of DC and cities and towns across the country in sustained, non-violent protest demanding removal.

Meanwhile, a fascist movement is advancing. 22,000 heavily armed people converged on Richmond, Virginia on MLK Day with a violent white supremacist program and threats of civil war at its core. Trump presided over the so-called “March for Life,” where 100,000 people, many of them youth indoctrinated into Christian Fascist fundamentalism, marched to ban abortion and force women to have children against their will. THIS is the future if we do not step out in visible, collective, non-violent opposition.

Fascism has been unfolding. Concentration camps on the border... environmental devastation accelerated... war, even nuclear war, threatened... white supremacist rule... fascist mobs and racist mass murderers... truth and science erased... the right to abortion near gone... the rule of law and democratic and civil rights stripped away...

All this and more will be accelerated and locked in if Trump is allowed to remain in power. Imagine the vengeance and entitlement to go forward with a program that puts the entire planet and all of humanity in its crosshairs.

Stop being a spectator. Show up now—when it counts!

The people can change this dynamic if they stop sitting passively back. If masses of people converge on DC outside the Senate, where the eyes of the world will be focused on the outrageous cover up and sham trial, this has the potential to light a political fire that not only swings the impeachment trial to admit evidence and witnesses and move towards removal, but can move even more people into mass sustained non-violent action that refuses to stop until the whole regime has been removed. Everyone around the world who has been wondering what’s wrong with the people in the U.S. for going along with fascism would take heart, and build even more pressure for our demand.


It’s time you—and all the people like you who hate this but are standing aside—come into the streets to demand that Trump and Pence be removed NOW! Demand witnesses be heard. Repudiate everything Trump stands for—while the whole world is watching. All over the world people have shown us that hated regimes can be forced out through mass sustained, non-violent protest.

Now is the moment to seize!

RefuseFascism.org is a movement of people coming from diverse perspectives, united in our recognition that the Trump/Pence Regime poses a catastrophic danger to humanity and the planet, and that it is our responsibility to drive them from power through a broad based movement – #OUTNOW! – of non-violent protests that grow every day until our demand is met: Trump/Pence #OUTNOW!

RefuseFascism.org welcomes individuals and organizations from many different points of view who share our determination to refuse to accept a fascist America, to join and/or partner with us in this great cause.

Read, share and endorse the full Refuse Fascism Call to Action here.

Find out more about Refuse Fascism here.

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Protest at the U.S. Capitol

Friday, 1/31 - 12pm rally
Delaware Ave NE & Northeast Dr

Sunday February 2, 4:00 pm: #OutNOW Mass Meeting in Washington, D.C.
Luther Place Memorial Church 1226 Vermont Ave. NW

Nationwide: Plan protests and creative actions demanding Trump/Pence #OUTNOW! Find a protest in your area.

Bring signs with your reasons the whole Trump/Pence regime must go, with hashtag #OUTNOW! Demand witnesses, evidence, a real trial, conviction and removal, and most of all demand removal of the whole fascist regime for ALL their crimes against humanity and the planet.


ALSO: Volunteer to come to DC to build the #OUTNOW movement demanding the removal of the whole Trump/Pence regime. Volunteer for a day, a few days, or for the whole trial. And sign up to be alerted to emergency actions in response to developments in the impeachment trial.




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