From the Revolution Tour in Los Angeles

Sunday, March 8, 1pm MARCH
& Celebrate International Women's Day

Break ALL the Chains! Unleash the Fury of Women As a Mighty Force for Revolution!

STOP the Patriarchal Degradation, Dehumanization, and Subjugation of All Women Everywhere, and Oppression Based on Gender or Sexual Orientation

In the name of humanity, we REFUSE to accept a fascist America.



1pm March
Meet at Alvarado between 7th Street and Wilshire

March to call out this system for its crimes against women and LGBTQ people. Bring symbols of the oppression of women that you want to see done away with.

3pm Celebration
La Fonda, 2501 Wilshire Boulevard (on Wilshire and Carondelet)

An afternoon of music, poetry, video and more in celebration of the radically different and better world we are bringing into being.


This is a call to everyone who will not accept a world where women are subordinated, dominated, degraded, battered, mutilated and murdered to keep them in their place; to everyone who wants to rise up with the women taking to the streets from Chile to Mexico, India and Italy to demand an end to sexual assault and femicide—the murder of women for being women.  This is a call to stand with the LGBTQ people in Brazil marching in the face of physical assaults; a call to rejoice in the women throwing off their headscarves in Iran. 

To everyone who rejects the Dark Ages future being set in place by the fascist Trump/Pence regime; everyone who refuses to go back, who refuses to see the right to abortion overturned and contraception taken away, who refuses to accept lives of inequality and torment; everyone who rejects the Christian theocracy that Pence, Devos, Barr and Pompeo are nailing into law and everyone who is nauseated by the pussy-grabber in Chief and the vile objectification of women celebrated by these same self-righteous liars and peddlers of ignorance in the service of imperialist empire.

All over the world, reactionaries and religious fundamentalists are waging a relentless assault on hard won rights, seizing the reins of government, the courts, the media, and making intrusions into every possible corner of our private lives and relationships to restore traditional morality where women are subordinated to men and their patriarchal authority.  And all over the world, people are yearning for these chains to be broken.

And they can be!  This horrible oppression is deeply knit into the capitalist-imperialist system. Capitalism-imperialism cannot function without the oppression of women and other gender oppression—just as it cannot function without the imperialist wars, the plunder of the environment, the oppression of Black and Latino people, and the persecution of immigrants. But humanity does not need this system! No. We need to get rid of this system, the only way it can be gotten rid of: through an actual revolution. 

Listen to what Bob Avakian, BA, the most important political thinker and leader in the world today, has to say:

“What if the world doesn’t have to be this way?... What if women could walk down the street and look every man they encounter straight in the eye and fear nothing and not be made to feel that you’re on display and to be evaluated by how you sexually titillate them? What if no more women were ever again battered, raped, assaulted, denied the right to control their own bodies? What if people who were different in their sexual orientation or just in the way they went through life, instead of being discriminated against and bullied were valued for their difference? If that were seen as part of the great diversity of humanity?… You may say I’m a dreamer, but this is not just a dream. It is something for which there is a definite basis in reality and it is up to us together with people throughout the world to make it a reality.”
– Bob Avakian

This future is possible.  BA has further developed the way to scientifically understand what we’re up against and the strategy to make revolution to change this. In the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic of North America, he’s developed the vision and blueprint for a future where people can get to work on uprooting this oppression and all the other forms of exploitation and oppression humanity suffers, and the destructive divisions and antagonisms among the people.

On March 8th we will declare our intention not to go back—to shattering ALL the chains! Join us in righteous fury and real hope to get humanity free.


The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour is coming to LA!  At a time of looming existential threat to our planet, at a moment of mass despair and hopelessness, the National Revolution Tour is organizing forces for an actual revolution and putting the leadership of Bob Avakian (BA), and the new communism he's developed, on the map—bringing people the truth that there's a whole better way the world could be, and the leadership, revolutionary strategy, vision and plan for making that real.  Seeking volunteers to help meet the needs of the Revolution Tour: housing, fundraising, graphic design, food donations, etc. Contact us about being a part of this world historic mission!


To join the organizing committee, contact us:

Revolution Club, LA: 323.245.6947 @revclub_la   @tuneintorevcom


6:30 pm on Thursday February 27 and Thursday March 5
1609 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (See contact info above for more)


Ways to Donate:

• The National Revolution Tour now has Venmo: “@RevolutionTour”

• Write in to getorganizedforrevolutiontour (at), let us know if you are taking up collections, or to send statements

• Or call (646) 717-7161




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