National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour Send-Off Celebration



It is with great excitement, deep concern for humanity, and a scientifically grounded sense of hope in the real-world possibility of a better future, that we announce and invite you to become part of the next phase of the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour. 

The tour started off one year ago with the message “You think you’re woke, but you’re sleepwalking through a nightmare, this system cannot be reformed, it must be overthrown, we need an actual revolution.” It accomplished a lot, bringing to people Bob Avakian and the real way out through revolution, based on the new communism he’s developed. But it did not yet accomplish the mission of organizing thousands into this revolution, which is needed more than ever. The tour is starting off a new phase in Los Angeles with the lessons of the last year and a plan to fight through on its mission. There are many ways for people all across the country to contribute to this with ideas and efforts, including very crucially donating and helping to build up fundraising networks to make possible the work of the revolutionaries at the core of this tour.

Saturday, February 29th 4pm – 6pm
Revolution Club Organizing Center
1857 E. 71st St.
Potluck Dinner
$5 Donation Requested

New York City
Wednesday, February 26, 7 pm
Revolution Books New York City
437 Malcolm X Blvd./Lenox Avenue @ 132nd Street

Los Angeles, June 8, 2019: The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour marching to the 77th Street pig station.




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