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The following letters are part a series of such reflections that we will be sharing—written by people who have been part of the Revolution Tour and looking forward to the next phase, and by some of the people who are donating to the Tour and want to express why they are giving their support. We want to encourage people—all those who have donated and want to encourage others to do the same, and those who are just learning about the Tour—to spread these statements and bring many more people into the revolutionary community of this Tour. Many more people need to know about the goals and plans for the Tour in LA right now, and all the ways they can and are needed to step in to be part of making this happen.

Reflections from a college student who has been involved in the Revolution Tour

The year is 2020.  It is now 100 seconds to midnight.  Closer than ever to the brink.  A strike at a Baghdad airport by Mein Trumpf nearly takes us over the edge.  A very different, and opposite “What If?”...

The fact that we have, as of yet “not come close to breaking through on the objectives of the tour or initiated the kind of dynamic, the geometric progression, that could” is something that myself, and I’m sure everyone else who has been part of the Tour, or working closely with it, have constantly on our minds, the source of many sleepless, restless nights.  The point of all this, really, is to win, to free humanity.…

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A Physicist Supports the Revolution Tour

I am making a $1,000.00 matching fund challenge for the coming tour, a critical phase in the organizing for an actual revolution. So how did a scientist choose to support this tour from amidst the myriad of organizations out there dedicated to ending the atrocity that is the present state of the world? I came out of the university in the middle of the Vietnam War, ignorant of the state of the world having spent all of my time studying Physics, and realized that individuals had a duty to find out what is going on and how they can become responsible citizens of the world.…

That is why I am donating all of my "charitable" contributions to the Get Organized for an Actual Revolution Tour. It requires lots of money for food, shelter, transportation, bail, materials, and so on for full time revolutionaries, revolution clubs, and supporters. The world is diving into catastrophe rapidly. There is not enough time left to wait until everyone goes through what I went through - a lifetime of inadequate pathways.  Because of this tour, we may be able to save humanity in time.

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