From the Revolution Tour in Los Angeles

International Women's Day 2020



The National Revolution Tour led a defiant march through the streets of Los Angeles for International Women's Day. The multinational crowd of 70+ people included students from 5 or 6 colleges, two high schools, people from the neighborhood, and La Collectiva from the Bay Area. What stood out was the defiance against outmoded institutions and of all the rotten ideas of this system at stops all through the way – a defiance made up of equal parts anger, joy and determination... a defiance you could hear in the drums and chants and that you could see in the women dancing their anger in front of the Mexican consulate. The path forged by Bob Avakian on the liberation of women as the touchstone of the communist revolution, as part of breaking ALL of tradition's chains and emancipating ALL of humanity, was given life in agitation on the march and then in a powerful 15-minute excerpt from Revolution—Nothing Less! shown at the reception afterward in a friendly restaurant. Messages were delivered from revolutionaries from Colombia, Iran and Mexico; Iranian communists led a skit in solidarity with women in Iran who are throwing off the veil; and two groups—Sin Color and Year of the Crow—played powerful sets to open and close the program at the restaurant as people talked into the evening.

Break the Chains!

Unleash the Fury of Women as a Mighty Force for Revolution

Male Supremacy: Stitched Together With Capitalism — by Bob Avakian, an excerpt




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