Report Back and Fundraising Livestream
from the National Tour to Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution

Friday, 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT



Just over a week ago, the National Revolution Tour kicked off in LA with a revolutionary march through MacArthur Park on International Women's Day.  Hear from the volunteers on the ground in LA—people from different backgrounds and nationalities, on a mission to forge a movement for revolution based on the new communism, developed by Bob Avakian. 

What is the Revolution Tour doing in the midst of this global pandemic?  How are we safely distributing Communiques on the coronavirus from the revcoms and what are people saying in neighborhoods throughout LA?  What's been the engagement and debate with Bob Avakian's work and this radically new framework for human emancipation?  Hear about major plans for a new weekly YouTube show, The RNL Show—Revolution, Nothing Less!, to launch March 25, bringing truth from the underground, applying the new communism to breaking developments in the world, and lifting people's sights to a whole better way the world could be.

Funds are needed to support the Revolution Tour—for housing, food, printing materials to bring people the truth.

This is a sharp moment.  People have lost a lot of discretionary income, even right down to the necessities.  But it brings into sharp relief the difference between an atomized society in which the already intolerable savage inequalities are further accentuated and reinforced in every crisis and play out with redoubled venom, and a society based on humanity working together to simultaneously collectively tackle and solve those problems and do so in a way that overcomes the disparities and scars inherited from the old society.  This will take an actual revolution.  In new, difficult conditions, this is what the Revolution Tour is bringing to people, and organizing for.

Tune into on Friday, 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT.  Support the Tour.  Spread the word!

The National Revolution Tour at the International Women's Day March in Los Angeles, March 8, 2020.




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