Blood Is on Their Hands:
Ten Ways the Trump/Pence Fascist Regime Has Blood on Its Hands From the Coronavirus



The “normal” workings of capitalism mean that preparedness for disaster will always be distorted by the demands of capital for ever more profit, and that the savage inequalities of capitalist society will assert themselves with a vengeance. But the Trump/Pence fascist regime has made the death and suffering among the people much worse than they needed to be, “amplifying and fortifying,” as Bob Avakian put it, the “normal” barriers of capitalism (see “The Deadly Illusion of ‘Normalcy’ and the Revolutionary Way Forward,” available at

Here’s how:

  1. Ignored previous warnings from within the government itself that a pandemic like the current one was a real possibility that needed to be prepared for.
  2. Got rid of a government task force that was supposed to deal with response to pandemics.
  3. Repeatedly minimized the danger of the coronavirus pandemic, even as it was already ravaging other countries and clearly beginning to spread to the U.S. itself.
  4. Stepped up attacks on immigrants, who are among the most vulnerable. This spread hatred against and suffering among these masses—and also means that immigrants, out of fear of imprisonment and deportation, will not get treated and suffer disproportionate death and disease, and the disease will spread further than it otherwise would.
  5. Declared that he opposes, and will even try to stop, the release of prisoners due to coronavirus concerns. There are 2.3 million people incarcerated in the U.S., crowded together under precarious health conditions and without any possibility of social distancing and other preventive measures. Thus Trump has basically issued a death sentence for thousands and thousands of prisoners.
  6. Was very late in stepping up coronavirus testing, which infectious disease experts widely point to as key in combating the spread of infections, and continues to this day to lie about its availability.
  7. Has made far worse the irrational workings of capitalism in which different hospitals and localities each seek out supplies from corporations seeking the most profit.
  8. Ignored and even attacked medical/scientific experts when their recommendations went against his own perceived interests. This promotes the ignorant, anti-scientific thinking so integral to fascism and the Christian fascism of the Trump/Pence regime in particular.
  9. Has continued to spew out fascist ultra-chauvinism, white supremacy, and “America First” poison, enflaming international tensions and racism, at a time when global cooperation is a life-and-death need.
  10. Has not let up attacks on health insurance and safety net programs. This means that many people who would otherwise get treated or receive help will not—with needless deaths the result!

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