From a member of the Chicago Revolution Club

Fighting the Power at Cook County Jail, Challenging the Youth With BA: A Saturday Afternoon on Chicago’s South Side



Sunday, April 19

Yesterday the Chicago Revolution Club united with a Refuse Fascism Caravan which went to the Cook County Jail. Arriving at Cook County Jail, we were met by numerous Cook County Sheriffs of the plain clothes cars who immediately began to threaten us with tickets and blocking our way from going around the prison which is Division 1 to 7 if I’m correct. So the leading car went around the sheriff car as we were being directed by the sheriffs to California Ave. over to Division 9 10 and 11 which is on Sacramento Ave. and near 31st Street. We were leaning on a horn. What I mean by leaning is we were honking horns around this section of Cook County Jail for several minutes—it could have been 10, it could have been 15 minutes or more. Then the lead car made a U-turn. We followed it back around towards California Ave. where the much older divisions were. These are the ones where the Chicago 8, or later known as the Chicago 7, was held for their political stance in the ’60s against the Democratic Convention being held in Chicago. Fortunately the Cook County Sheriffs pig dogs were called off and we were able to circle the older divisions with no problem this time. We let these prisoners know that this strong caravan was there for them! After about an hour of leaning on our horns we began to put out over the half-mile hailer some quotes from BA. We later separated to do some agitating on Chicago South Side.

As soon as we made it to 51st, the half-miler came back on and with quotes from BA. When we arrived at the park on 57th, one of the club leaders begin to speak about this system’s approach to the poor communities’ problems and what it would take to come from up under this brutal dictatorship. Someone on the street began to yell out that he loved Trump and wanted 4 more years of Trump, and that immigrants should go home. I got out of my vehicle, removed my coat and so everyone could see me put on my shirt which read on the front “¡Habla BA: REVOLUCIÓN—NADA MENOS!” and “BA Speaks: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!” which is on the back.

I responded to what the guy had been saying on the sidewalk. I began to explain how Trump wanted to lock up neighborhoods in Chicago and bring stop-and-frisk to Chicago. They began to walk away unfortunately. Also unfortunately we are practicing safe distancing and had our face covering on. I spoke about the deaths and about those awaiting a death sentence in these jails which many of us have family members and friends who are being held captive by this beast in its hell holes!

I said, “So this can’t be what you want! While those you call immigrants, I call so called immigrants because this is stolen land, are being held captive as well with loved ones dying! No, what you need is to get with this Rev Club and the only leader who has real solutions to this System unlike other leaders who want to fit in. This System has to be dealt with just like a construction worker would a house, you would uproot the entire foundation. The leader who offers a scientific way through this is BA!”

We left and drove in our five-car caravan around the Revolution Club Center stopping along the way to pump quotes by BA through the half-miler. I believe that we did about 3 or 4 hours of this. Oh, I also suggested that they get acquainted with the website as well as the new RNL Show and the OUT NOW show.




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