14-Year-Old Black Youth Brutally Beaten by California Cop—for Possession of Swisher Cigar!

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On April 28, a white cop in Rancho Cordova, a town east of Sacramento, California, saw a Black youth supposedly buying a Swisher Sweets cigar from an adult. How did the pig respond? As a video which has gone viral shows, by violently assaulting this 14-year-old who’s probably a third his size. The cop pinned him on the ground and then twisted his arm, slammed his head into the dirt, and repeatedly hit him with a closed fist. The youth was then charged with resisting arrest! His sister, who posted the Twitter video, wrote that the youth has “a serious heart condition that could be triggered very easily by being hit in his chest/back! He’s a kid and has never been in any kind of trouble with the law!”




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