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Justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America! Trump and Pence Out Now!



George Floyd was torturously murdered in plain sight by Minneapolis cops as onlookers begged them to stop. In Georgia, Ahmaud Arbery, a Black jogger was murdered by white vigilantes on video. In Louisville police stormed in and murdered Breonna Taylor in her own home; she was not a suspect in any crime.

In Minneapolis, thousands taking to the streets in grief and anger were met with more brutality – tear gassed, beaten, corralled, and condemned as rioters.

Enough is enough! No more white supremacist murder by police and armed vigilantes! Refuse Fascism stands with everyone fighting for justice for George Floyd.

Police murder of black and brown people was already an ongoing scourge before Trump and Pence, but under this regime, it has and will continue to get qualitatively worse. Encouraged and enforced at the highest levels of power, in tandem with ICE as the American Gestapo and an unleashed reservoir of street-level thugs and vigilantes, a reign of terror has already begun.

What Trump has said is profoundly true: “Cops love Trump and Trump loves cops.” He told police to stop being “too nice” and threatens the opposition with his police, military, and Bikers for Trump. Wherever MAGA hordes gather, “Blue Lives Matter” flags fly alongside Confederate, American, and Nazi flags. The Department of Justice has virtually stopped overseeing police brutality cases, and refused to bring federal criminal charges in the outrageous murder of Eric Garner.

Compare the brutality against courageous protesters in Minneapolis to the way police stood aside while the howling, racist, armed mobs of the fascist “Re-open America” rallies marched into Statehouses with impunity, hung governors in effigy, and shouted into the faces of guards.

The hypocrisy is not accidental. The squashing of righteous dissent, along with the emboldening of violent intimidation by fascists in and out of uniform, is key to consolidating power and hammering in a nightmare for humanity. Make no mistake. The aim of these fascists is a world where Black people and other oppressed groups live in constant fear and subordination.

Refuse Fascism will be in the streets demanding justice for George Floyd. We call on anyone, from any race, who is standing on the sidelines right now to join the chorus of outrage and raise your voices.

We also call on everyone to see that the fight for justice now must include a growing movement of people – the millions who do not want to live under white supremacist mob rule in a fascist America – preparing to fill the streets in sustained, non-violent protest to drive the fascist Trump/Pence regime out of power. Should we fail to do so, this and every struggle for justice will be set back and eventually crushed. But if we succeed, we can begin to force the boots of violent oppressors off the necks of our brothers and sisters.

Justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery!

In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America!
Trump and Pence Out Now!


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