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Outside Agitators

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Job Requirements:

Must care about the masses of people worldwide, not just “your own people.”

Must want a world without exploitation and all forms of oppression, and be willing to fight for that world.

Must be willing to work long hours, to think hard about how to change the world to get rid of oppression, to bring that understanding to people everywhere and struggle with them to cast off narrow-mindedness, selfishness, ignorance, and slave mentality and to take up the emancipation of humanity.

Must be willing to stand up against the oppressor in the face of physical attack and slander.


Guaranteed: long hours, no pay. Fringe benefits: the joy of fighting to bring about a whole new and far better world, of being with the masses when they straighten their backs and lift their heads, and of the bonds with your comrades in the struggle.

No experience needed, will accept trainees of all ages.

Apply immediately to the Mighty Mighty Revcoms.

https://www.revcom.us                             @TheRevcoms


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