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Press Release from RefuseFascism.org:

Saturday Protests: No to Federal Agents Sweeping Up Protesters!

Stop Police Violence Against The People!

No To A Fascist Police State: Trump/Pence Out NOW!


17 July For Immediate Release 
Contact: 202 556 3906 
LA: 323 946 1742 
@RefuseFascism on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram   
NYC & LA protests also sponsored by @NYCRevClub & @RevClub_LA

Interviews Available


New York City 5:00 pm Union Square; March to City Hall 
Los Angeles 5:00 pm City Hall 
San Francisco: 1:00 pm Federal Building

Watch the VIDEO. It looks like the Gestapo has come to Portland.


This week, in an ominous assault on dissent, Trump sent federal law enforcement agents to Portland, Oregon. These federal agents rolled up in unmarked vans, arresting and kidnapping protesters without warrants, without telling them why they were being taken into custody, without saying where they were going.

This is a dangerous escalation in hammering fascist rule by the Trump/Pence regime. This comes on the heels Trump's executive order called "Protecting American Monuments, Memorials and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence," which in essence allows protesters to be thrown in jail for 10 years if they are at any demonstration where alleged "violence" occurs.

Meanwhile the NYPD and police departments across the country continue to terrorize, tase and illegitimately arrest protesters — and stand idly by while Trump's fascist supporters attack protesters. In Kentucky, 87 people were arrested at a non-violent protest and charged with felonies.

Carl Dix of RefuseFascism.org says, "The American people face a crossroads. Too many are counting on the election to stop Trump. But Trump is a fascist who isn't playing by the old rules -- he's subverting the elections, using the military to crush dissent, and now he's got federal agents patrolling streets in Portland like Brown Shirts."

"So the choice is this," Dix continues. "Will we stand aside and allow this fascist regime to fully consolidate its hold? Or will we bring our strength of being in the streets in huge numbers, and stay in the streets until the demand is met: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go NOW!"

“Every organization, congregation, social movement for justice, and every single person with a conscience needs must confront: we cannot wait for November to remove this regime, says Coco Das of RefuseFascism.org. “That chance may not even come. The Trump/Pence regime is tearing up the rule of law. They, and their organized and armed fascist base, have said that they will not stop until they prevail.”

“In the face of this fascist program being escalated,” Das continues, “RefuseFascism.org calls on every person who cares about Black people, immigrants, women, LBGTQ people, the future of the planet, and fears for the nuclear arsenal of the US in the hands of Donald Trump to bring into the struggle for Black Lives, for every single struggle, the demand that the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!”

“We must not stop until this is won!”



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