Revolution Club, New York City:

Marching in the Streets to Honor Summer Taylor, Killed While Protesting



About 30 people came out in the rain and thunderstorm to respond to the New York City Revolution Club’s call to honor the memory of Summer Taylor, a 24-year-old woman who was killed in Seattle, Washington, on July 4 when a car drove into people protesting police brutality.


REvClub-NYC march for Summer Taylor


New members of the Revolution Club helped build for this protest, and helped co-MC the protest, bringing pictures of Summer, and holding tea lights. People made signs together in the beginning too. There was a speak-out where people spoke of the sadness they felt about what had happened—“this could have been any of us”—and some people saying that they hoped Summer was looking down proud of what we were doing today. Others indicted the Trump/Pence regime and the Nazi-like climate that is being whipped up. Another person spoke to the fact that there are more of us, the majority who feel like Summer Taylor, the other side is the minority, and our power is together in numbers. Another said that she had turned off the news but made herself watch Trump’s speech at the urging of the revolutionaries—and she said that she was shocked at what she heard, the rallying of the Confederacy and the openly violent fascist atmosphere being whipped up. Another person also said that he usually watches what others say about his speeches and that there is no substitute for actually watching it. A written statement by the NYC Revolution Club was read that talked about Summer’s life and the lessons to draw from this and called on people to step into the Revolution Club.

People chanted “Summer’s death won’t be in vain, We will march in Summer’s name, We will march through sun and rain.” People also chanted “How do we get out of this mess—Revolution Nothing Less!”; “Live Your Life Like Summer T, we won’t stop till all are free”; and “Trump/Pence Out Now!” People marched to Trump Tower and, putting red paint on their hands that an artist brought, said, “Trump regime, Blood on YOUR HANDS!”

At Trump Tower, two new members of the Revolution Club read the Points of Attention and called on people to step into the revolution. And another member of the club said mark Summer’s anniversary in the most meaningful way possible by stepping into and becoming part of something that is out to end all exploitation and oppression all over the world through revolution—nothing less, and the strategy we have for making this real.



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