Trump Deploys Federal Agents to Chicago:
A Deadly Serious Fascist Escalation



On Monday, we published a letter from a correspondent going into Trump’s plans to send federal police into Chicago to repress the youth. As we posted the letter, there was another round of heartbreak in Chicago: on Tuesday, 15 people were shot while at a funeral for someone who was killed in recent shootings.

The fascist pig Donald Trump held a big press conference at the White House Wednesday to seize on this situation to bring in what he called a “surge” of 200 federal agents as part of this phony “Operation Legend.” Trump used military talk and war-time terminology borrowed from Iraq and Afghanistan to make clear—he and those around him see Black people in places like Chicago as the enemy.

Trump, when announcing this “surge,” had the nerve to talk about stopping “violent criminals who are able to maim and murder with impunity.” Meanwhile, he slobbered praise all over the police—the real violent criminals who are able to maim and murder with impunity. In case that wasn’t clear enough, he repeatedly condemned the beautiful uprising of protest across the country that began after the police murdered George Floyd. And he blamed the recent killings among the people on those who have risen up to demand an end to institutionalized racism and murder by police.

Trump even brought out Chad Wolf, his acting secretary of Homeland Security, to talk about keeping four-year-olds safe... while this ghoul heads up the department responsible for caging immigrant children, locking them under dangerous conditions, and separating kids from families.

These are open WHITE SUPREMACISTS. They care NOTHING for the lives of Black people lost in Chicago or anywhere. They cynically make use of the heartache to further their fascist program and attempts to beat down the beautiful uprising of people.

The Fascists and Open White Supremacists Make Use of Liberals Who Talk Tough and Then Cave In

Meanwhile, the Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot soft-pedaled and backed off her earlier criticism of Trump and threats that she would not allow him to deploy federal forces to the city. Now she’s saying “this (these federal pigs) may add value.”

Value to what?!? To a system that, as Bob Avakian has said, offers these youth nothing but a boot in the ass and a bullet in their brain? That grinds up and kills people here and all over the world?  

Let’s be clear. Trump is creating a violent strike force accountable only to him. They will commit all kinds of mayhem against the youth that he and Lightfoot claim to be protecting (from their different, and sometimes sharply conflicting, viewpoints.) They will also spy on and repress the people and forces who are carrying out righteous protest and actually trying to change things for the better. And at a time when the fascists are doing everything to stop Black and Latino people from voting in the next election, it’s very possible that these pigs will be used for that, too.

What IS Needed

Bob Avakian, the revolutionary leader and architect of the new communism, has said:

That Black people, who are already so viciously oppressed and suffering so terribly, are killing each other in such great numbers is something that should make any decent person heartsick—and it should drive them to seek the way to put an end to this by getting to the deeper causes of this and moving to change all that. If those people who are constantly citing statistics about “Black-on-Black crime” really wanted to do something meaningful about the fact that Black people, and especially the youth, are killing each other in tragically high numbers, they would join with those of us who are working to win these youth to the revolution that can bring down this system which is the fundamental cause of this, and bring into being a system which would uproot the conditions and transform the ways of thinking that give rise to this. (From ANYTHING BUT THE TRUTH: Bob Avakian Exposes Lies, Distortions, Distractions and Evasions About the Murderous Oppression of Black People)

Noche Diaz, a leader of The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour who spent several years building the movement for revolution in Chicago, said, “We in the Revolution Club are grieving over lost loved ones, and grieving with our friends and comrades who have also lost family in the recent wave of shootings in Chicago... But we will not let hurt become despair, or let the pain and anger be turned into a weapon against the people. Our comrades there, and in the Clubs everywhere, are fighting hard to win people—yes, even and especially those who right now have their guns pointed at each other or have only revenge on their mind—to the emancipating outlook, methods, goals, and morality of this revolution based on the scientific understanding and strategy developed by Bob Avakian. This is something really worth living and fighting for: a revolution that can leave a much better world for ALL humanity, where ALL our children can grow up with the future they truly deserve.

The Revolution Club Chicago protesting against the fascist police state.



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