July 25, Refuse Fascism Demands

No Terrorizing Black Communities
No Fascist Police State

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July 25, NYC: Outside Trump Tower, Refuse Fascism, the Revolution Club and others including Black Lives Matter protesters pledge to stay in the streets until Trump and Pence are OUT


On July 25, Refuse Fascism initiated and joined actions around the country demanding, and struggling for people to take up the demands No Terrorizing Black Communities, No Fascist Police State, TRUMP/PENCE OUT NOW!

In New York City hundreds rallied and marched with Refuse Fascism. Their action merged at Union Square with thousands of protesters who shut down the Brooklyn Bridge marching for Black Lives Matter and in solidarity with Portland, chanting “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!” Dozens took up the invitation from Refuse Fascism to join in marching to Trump Tower and pledged to stay in the streets until Trump/Pence are OUT.



In Chicago, Rev. Joseph Pughsley with Freedom First International rocked the protest with an “Out Now!” adaptation of Hell You Talmbout backed by drummers, then marchers took the noise to the streets with the message “Humanity first, not America first.”

In Los Angeles, Refuse Fascism activists were in the mix of a swirl of protests in solidarity with Portland, against police brutality, and demanding justice for Vanessa Guillén (the army soldier who was apparently the victim of a femicidal murder by another soldier). They challenged people to confront why mass, nonviolent struggle to drive out the Trump/Pence regime is needed to stop the consolidation of a fascist regime that would render any and all struggles for justice far, far more difficult with disastrous consequences for humanity. The Revolution Club called on people to refuse to allow Trump to send federal forces into Chicago. Hundreds joined in the Refuse Fascism pledge: in the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America…. Trump/Pence OUT NOW!


In Seattle, Refuse Fascism led a protest through the streets of some 200 people behind banners “Get Secret Police Out” and “Trump/Pence #OUTNOW!” People chanted “November is too late, Trump/Pence Out Now!” and “No fascist police state, Trump/Pence Out Now!” Speakers included a Chilean immigrant who brought to light the horrors of living under murderous fascism in that country in the 1970s and ’80s, and sharply challenged people to confront that this is happening here, now.

In other cities across the country including Philadelphia, Cleveland, Honolulu (where fascist Trumpites rallied across the street and harassed them), Boston, and Atlanta, people joined with Refuse Fascism in the streets, pledging to continue until the regime is gone. They came with different insights and perspectives. A Chilean immigrant testified to the terror, torture and death of a fascist regime in her homeland.

Youth from the Black community in Cleveland represented:

Photo: Davidione Pearl

San Francisco.

The march in San Francisco was preceded by a press conference that included Alex U. Inn, LGBT Activist, the Revolution Club, Refuses Fascism, and Quanah Parker Brightman of United Native Americans who said, "As Indigenous People we're sick and tired of seeing the army and fascist gestapo coming in." This dictator the White House needs to go NOW!

As many voices in society, from different viewpoints are asking if, or concluding that this IS fascism the marches challenged people to act commensurate with that reality. Mainstream media coverage included local TV news in Chicago, the New York Times; NBC news online; the LA Times and Univision acknowledged the role of Refuse Fascism in actions on the 25th.



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