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Revolution Club and Revolution Tour in the Streets to Say NO to Federal Pigs and Bring the Message “Revolution—Nothing Less!”

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In Portland, members of the National Tour to Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution have been on the ground, joining in the protests that have rocked that city for weeks. The video below shows Maya from the Tour addressing a large group of protestors, speaking powerfully to how the root of the problems people face is in the system of capitalism-imperialism, and how there is leadership for an actual revolution to overthrow that system and bring about a radically different world in Bob Avakian. Go here to donate to support these revcoms in Portland.

And this past weekend, the Revolution Club called for marches in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago and in South Central LA to demand that federal pigs get out of Portland and Chicago, to call for “Trump/Pence OUT NOW!” and to bring out that in order to end institutionalized racism and murder by police, and all the ways people are used and abused here and around the world, “We Need Revolution—NOTHING LESS!”

On this page are some sights and sounds from the Revolution Club and the Tour for this weekend.


Hell yeah, Bob Avakian is controversial. Any leader who’s talking about overthrowing the system is gonna offend some people. If it doesn't then you’re not talking about an actual revolution. But look at the substance and think for yourself!

Maya Malika from the National Revolution Tour, keeping it 💯 in Portland Saturday night.


Los Angeles

Put your fists in the air and say NO MORE! Marching thru South Central LA: We want to invite YOU to step into this revolution

Los Angeles


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