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“Bob Avakian’s Historic Statement, Fascist Election Fuckery,
Sept 5 Protests: Trump/Pence Out Now!”

The Revolution, Nothing Less Show

Bob Avakian's historic statement, “ON THE IMMEDIATE CRITICAL SITUATION, THE URGENT NEED TO DRIVE OUT THE FASCIST TRUMP/PENCE REGIME, VOTING IN THIS ELECTION, AND THE FUNDAMENTAL NEED FOR REVOLUTION,” has entered into the high-stakes battle for humanity’s future between the Trump/Pence regime fighting to consolidate fascism and those opposing this from different perspectives. We'll dive into the substance of the leadership BA’s statement is providing for millions at this critical hour. We’ll share the beginning impact and controversy this statement is opening up—from attacks from the official Trump campaign, to idiotic “left” snark, to serious engagement from guest, Reverend Bob Brashear, and others.

Plus, if you sense that Trump is not going to play fair during the upcoming election, just wait til you see the full array of fascist fuckery already underway that we will expose. If all this doesn’t drive you to want to act, you have morally flat-lined. But if it does, and it should, make you want to stop fascism before it is too late, good! Actor Jodie Sweetin will bring you the call from RefuseFascism.org for mass nationwide protests September 5 to demand: Trump/Pence Out Now!


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