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“As Fascism Accelerates, Protest Sept 5: Trump/Pence Out Now!”

The Revolution, Nothing Less Show

Host Andy Zee sounds the alarm on the aggressive acceleration towards all-out fascism by the Trump/Pence regime as we speed towards an election Trump is already contesting and threatening to cancel. He makes the case for the historical imperative that everyone of conscience take up the call by RefuseFascism.org to protest on September 5 to demand: Trump/Pence Out Now!

A powerful video further exposes the high-stakes assault on the elections already underway by Trump and how this fits into his overall fascist agenda.

Actor Jodie Sweetin sits down in conversation with co-host Sunsara Taylor to speak about her involvement with RefuseFascism.org and how she sees the importance of taking to the streets on September 5 to demand: Trump/Pence Out Now!


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