Announcing a Livestream for the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour—Sunday, September 20



On September 20 come to for the Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour National Livestream which is aiming to raise urgently needed funds to sustain and support the Tour and all its critical work. $15,000 is urgently needed by September 30—as part of kicking off a major fall fund drive to enable the Tour to take on the momentous challenges we are faced with. Get started spreading the word and raising funds for this now.

Bob Avakian has issued an historic statement On the Immediate Critical Situation, the Urgent Need to Drive Out the Fascist Trump/Pence Regime, Voting in this Election, and the Fundamental Need for Revolution. This Statement needs to be spread very broadly—to millions—to impact the whole political terrain in this country at this crucial moment. Funds are needed to enable scaling up the promotion and debate. As Trump marshals his forces to hold onto power and further consolidate fascist rule, as fascist gangs around the country unleash brutality and intimidation against the beautiful rising of struggle against injustice which has filled the streets of this country, the Tour is playing a key role in the urgent fight to mobilize millions into the streets to drive this regime from power—as a crucial part and urgent requirement of the overall work of building for Revolution—Nothing Less!

All summer long Tour members in LA, together with revcoms across the country, have been out in the midst of the beautiful rising against police murder of Black and other oppressed people. They have been reaching out among all strata to carry forward the aims of the Tour—putting BA and the new communism out boldly and broadly, fighting for the understanding that this system cannot be reformed that it must be overthrown, and working to build up a national movement for an actual revolution. Teams have been dispatched to the frontlines in Minneapolis and Portland, bringing revolution right into the midst of the thousands who are waking to political life and burning with a desire to see the end to the oppression concentrated in the murder of George Floyd. And now with the showdown over the elections approaching, volunteers on the Tour are working with Refuse Fascism to build for the protests beginning on September 5 with the demand of TRUMP/PENCE OUT NOW!

The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less! Show on YouTube, currently produced by the Tour in LA, is an exciting new way that the revolution and the new communism brought forward by Bob Avakian are being projected and brought alive in living color every week. The RNL Show urgently needs funds for equipment, for sending crews out to cover key events in society, and to expand its reach and its audience through advertising and other means of projecting out into society to reach a much broader audience.

Spread the word of this Livestream! Tune in on September 20 and hear living accounts from Tour members about all they are doing and all they are learning as they take their message out into the world. At this critical time, when the fate and the future of humanity hangs in the balance, what could be more important than donating generously to support the work of the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour?


We are at a turning point in history, the future lives of millions hang in the balance, and what people do or don’t do, and what they do and don't support, will really matter.   

The National Tour to Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution has been part of key fronts of struggle—politically and ideologically—bringing the revolutionary leadership of Bob Avakian and organizing forces.  This is essential—and needs to spread—if masses of people are going to be able to rise to the challenges before us.   

On Sunday September 20, 5pm EDT/2 pm PDT, TUNE IN: or

We will be giving you a taste of what the National Revolution Tour and the revcoms have been doing, the challenges we have been confronting, what we are projecting for the next immediate period, and how you can be part of all this – including through contributing the essential funds that make all this possible.

Participants on this Tour are people who have dedicated our lives to bringing into being a better world, fighting day and night to accomplish the mission of this Tour.  We are working to bring  forward many more who want to be part of meeting these historic challenges.  All those who want to see this Tour succeed are also part of the work of the Tour.   

At this moment there is a tremendous need to not only continue but to scale up our reach and capacity with many thousands of dollars that need to be raised right now.

Here are just a couple of examples of what the Tour has been doing, and what will be brought to life – and can be financially supported – on the livestream:

Video of Maya agitation in Portland

Noche Diaz in South Central, September 12



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