Kenosha: Righteous Struggle Continues Against Pig Violence and Nazi Brownshirts

Fascist-in-Chief Trump Announces Kenosha Trip



Fresh on the heels of the “law and order” Republican Convention, at which white vigilantes like the McCloskeys1 were lionized as heroes, and following Trump’s tweets encouraging the murderous mobs of white supremacists who attacked protesters in Portland, Oregon, the fascist-in-chief announced he is going to Kenosha, Wisconsin this Tuesday.

So far the White House has not announced any visit with Jacob Blake Jr., the young man shot seven times in the back by cops while inches away from his three young children, and now paralyzed. Nor with Jacob’s family, who have been demanding justice for their son. Nor has Trump expressed sympathy for this devastated family, or for the trauma inflicted—once again—on Black people everywhere. Asked about it, Jacob’s father, Jacob Blake Sr., said, “It’s too late now.” 

Nor will he meet with the family of Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, father of a two-year-old girl, murdered—apparently by a young Trump supporter—on August 26. Nor of Anthony Huber, 26, killed while heroically trying to disarm the gunman, who leaves behind his girlfriend and stepdaughter. Nor Gaige Grosskreutz, a 26-year-old volunteer medic whose arm was nearly blown off by the shooter. 

No, in fact, if Trump somehow does decide to meet the families of the Kenosha victims, it won’t be for anything good but to push his fascist agenda. To hell with that!! 

Trump said that “Kenosha” has “been in very, very good shape from the moment [the National Guard] set foot in that area.” The National Guard arrived two days before these murders, revealing that Trump considers shooting peaceful protesters to be “very good.” And instead of meeting the victims of police and fascist violence, Trump will meet with Kenosha “law enforcement”—whose history shows them to be fascist white supremacists, from top to bottom.

On August 23, cops shot Jacob Blake seven times as he was walking away, in front of his kids. Then for almost a week afterwards, the police kept the paralyzed man shackled to his hospital bed.

As video of the shooting spread across social media, large protests broke out on Kenosha’s streets. In that initial eruption of anger, some buildings and vehicles were burned and stores looted—the only violence that matters to the authorities. Riot-geared cops responded to the grief and anger by attacking demonstrators with tear gas and pepper spray—the violence that the system always “forgets” to mention. 

On August 24, they brought in the National Guard, now up to 1,000 troops.

On August 25 a militia group called on “patriots… to take up arms” and defend Kenosha “from the evil thugs.” Cops on the scene welcomed them, gave them water, told them, “We appreciate you guys being out here.” One militiaman said cops promised to push protesters “down by them” so that they could “deal with them.”  

After the murders, alleged shooter (Kyle Rittenhouse)—holding an AR-15 as people on the sidelines shouted that he had shot two people—was allowed to walk through police lines and go home without even being questioned. 

Tio Hardiman, a well-known Chicago activist working to stop the violence among gang members and turn them toward political and social action, posted a statement about the two young protesters killed in Kenosha (along with their pictures), saying: “I would like to take out a moment to Salute our fallen comrades in the fight for justice and equality for African American People in the United States. These are the two brothers that were killed in Kenosha.”

By contrast, Kenosha police chief Daniel Miskinis claimed that Huber and Rosenbaum got themselves killed by being out after curfew! County sheriff David Beth defended his men welcoming the militias. Two years ago, Sheriff Beth gave voice to the genocidal outlook underlying Trump/Pence fascism. Speaking about a high-speed chase to arrest five Black people for shoplifting, Beth said: “I’m to the point where I think society has to come to a threshold where there are some people that aren’t worth saving. We need to build warehouses to put these people into it and lock them away for the rest of their lives.”

These are the kinds of people Trump will meet with to “survey the situation” and make new plans. These are the forces he celebrates and encourages. This is a window on the truly horrific future being prepared—the unleashing of this terrorism on a far grander scale—should we allow him to remain in office for four more years.

In the face of this, protests continue every day in Kenosha, including thousands yesterday (Saturday), with people traveling from afar to express their outrage. And Revolution Club members from Chicago have been in the midst of this all week—standing with the people against the fascists and the police, taking out the understanding of what we’re facing with the fascist regime and what we need to do concentrated in the statement from Bob Avakian on the immediate critical situation, and the need for revolution (see excerpts from a conversation with Club members in Kenosha).


1. The white St. Louis couple who brandished semi-automatic weapons at peaceful Black Lives Matter marchers near their home.  [back]

Protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, August 28.

Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber. Credit: @TKarmen7

Clyde McLemore, co-founder Lake County BLM, wrote on Facebook about the two protesters killed in Kenosha:

“It really sad that 2 white guys who been at my side for the last 2 days protesting and protecting me has been shot and killed. I knew this guy and he had my back.

“When I heard about the shooting I figure I didn’t know them or maybe they was looters. No No No, this guy was a resident of Kenosha and just seeking justice for black people of Kenosha.

“I understand in a war there is never no winners no losers. When our allies come, and they are killed for their good deeds, it really saddens me. This shit hurts.

“Tonight I lay in bed with tears in eyes. Scare to sleep wonder why so many of our children have died before we can smell justice. This boy don’t have insurance, his family is trying bury him. This shit is so heavy right now.

“On Monday as I leading this March in Kenosha this man push me out of way of car who didn’t want to stop as we protest. I wake up and he dead, using his white privilege to help us gain some justice. HE WAS NOT OUT THERE BURNING NO BUILDING. HE WAS SEEKING JUSTICE. DAMN DAMN DAMN!?”



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