Refuse Fascism, #BlackLivesMatter Protests in DC on Last Night of RNC Draw Significant Media Coverage



The protests by Refuse Fascism and #BlackLivesMatters activists in Washington, DC on Thursday, the last night of the RNC, received significant coverage in major media, and Refuse Fascism protests in other cities were covered as well. This included the Washington Post, CNN, NBC News,, USA Today, PBS Newshour, Telemundo, Prensa Latina, Britain’s The Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, Newsweek, Politico, WUSA9–CBS TV and ABC7 TV in Washington, DC., and media in Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

The media reported that chants and the sounds of the protests could be heard at the White House gathering as Trump delivered his acceptance speech, and protest coverage became a “Twitter Moment.”

Refuse Fascism spokespeople Carl Dix and Coco Das were quoted in several of the stories and Refuse Fascism’s banner was prominent during the night’s coverage.

Washington Post:  Protests in District as Trump to deliver acceptance speech at White House

“Carl Dix, one of the group’s leaders, said the march was meant to emphasize the urgency behind the election, which he said will determine whether the country takes an irretrievable tilt toward fascism.

‘The Republican National Convention is a celebration of how far they’ve come in hammering a fascist agenda into place,” Dix said. “I’ve been fighting for revolution for 50 years, so it ain’t like I love what’s been happening in this country. But I also see that these are fascists.’”

USA Today: Fireworks and protests planned in DC for Trump's acceptance speech at close of RNC

"Fireworks and protests planned in DC for Trump's acceptance speech at close of RNC"

“But at least two groups are planning protests on D.C. city property near the White House Thursday night. Refuse Fascism is holding a #TrumpPenceOutNOW rally down the street in Black Lives Matter Plaza and The Party Majority PAC, which was founded by former Clinton aides, is organizing a #ThePeoplesHouse demonstration nearby.”

[Carl] Dix described the two killings in Kenosha as the logical outcome of the Republican convention, which included numerous denunciations of the demonstrations and featured a Missouri couple, who became famous for pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters, among its speakers.

"I mean the convention was celebrating this kind of vigilantism," Dix told USA TODAY. "I think a lot of people are making that connection. That's why I expect that there will be an even larger crowd of people in D.C."

"We don't condone violence, but if it comes from the other side we're not going to back down," organizer Coco Das told USA TODAY. "And we'll be calling even more people out the next day."

When asked about the planned fireworks display, Das said it would be a fitting end to the RNC, which she called a "celebration of this white supremacy and misogyny and xenophobia."

"To match the fireworks display there needs to be a force of people in the streets who are acting non-violently, determined to stop this regime from seizing and consolidating power through a second term," she said.




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