Refuse Fascism September 5 Nationwide Protests

From the front-lines of the struggle against a fascist America—September 5th ... A Start to the 60 Days of Struggle to Drive Out this Regime



September 5, 2020: 60 Days of Struggle have begun to get Trump/Pence regime OUTNOW!

A Second Term Would Be Fascist “Shock and Awe”
Join 60 Days of Struggle Demanding: TRUMP/PENCE OUT NOW! – Sunsara Taylor

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New York City:

Los Angeles


Lamar Whitfield, No More Foundation: We all need to unite to get Trump and Pence out of our White House because we are at a NO MORE moment!

Historian Paul Street: Trump’s law and order is a fascist law and order, we can’t wait til January for him to be out

Sept 5, 2020, Chicago, Nico from the Revolution Club: We don't have to live in a world like this

The Bible Must Not Be a Prop for Evil!
Rev. Michael Woolf calls religious leaders to speak against Trump.



Kansas City, Kansas


San Francisco


Washington, DC

Press coverage:

New York Times

(The NY Times ran a version of a Reuters news agency story syndicated worldwide, the quote from Coco Das is in the Reuters story but was left out by the Times)

Pix11 NYC




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