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“It's On! 60 Days of Struggle to STOP a Fascist America: Trump/Pence Out Now!”

The Revolution, Nothing Less Show

Protesters in over 20 cities launched a momentous struggle this past Saturday, September 5th, to call forward growing numbers of people – ultimately millions – to STOP a fascist America by driving out the Trump/Pence regime. In a powerful video segment, you’ll get voices from the streets and a palpable sense of what has been accomplished. We’ll bring you Part 2 and Part 3 of Bob Avakian’s searing new series, Donald Trump – Genocidal Racist, read by Noche Diaz (National Spokesperson for the Revolution Clubs). Also, a deeper look at what Bob Avakian’s historic August 1 Statement says about voting in this election. In Andy Zee’s commentary, you will be challenged and given direction for how to join in rising to the even greater challenges that lie ahead.


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