Honoring the Heroes Killed for Defending Black Lives
Organizing to Drive Out Trump/Pence



“I’m going to talk about Anthony Huber,” said Clyde McLemore from Lake County Black Lives Matter opening the Chicago September 16 rally. “I’m going to mention his name. Say his name.” The crowd responds “Anthony Huber.” McLemore continued, “I got to know this man, Didn’t know him but 48 hours but I got to know this man and I know he was about protecting people and doing justice—seeking justice.”

“The man that shot him was 17 years old. Before he shot him, the National Guard gave him water, cuz it was a hot day. Gave him water! Parading him around the town. And they set up that the National Guard run the protesters this way, and the white militia group were right over them and they shot the first guy in the head. Anthony had a skateboard. He was riding a skateboard and went to hit him [Kyle Rittenhouse] with a skateboard. He was a brave man! This man here [pointing photo of Anthony Huber] was brave cuz he [Rittenhouse] had an AR15 and all he [Anthony] had was a skateboard. And he went to him to try to take away the AR15 and he got shot.”

Two other Black men, Tio Hardiman from Violence Interrupters and Eric Russell of Tree of Life Justice League, also spoke about the sacrifices of those who gave their lives.

Russell said, “I read somewhere there is no greater gift than someone who will lay down their life for you. These brothers and sisters behind us (pointing to the beautiful array of posters of those who died) they gave their most precious gift to our beautiful struggle. This kind of hatred is no longer being fueled by Bull Connor and George Wallace. It’s being fueled by Trump and Pence.”

Tio Hardiman said, “These people were murdered because we have a president who doesn’t care about all the people in the United States. He only cares about a segment of the population. We have to work hard to not promote any kind of racial divide in America if we believe in humanity we must stand together as human beings.”

So began a very moving rally and march of about 50 people honoring those who have died and calling on people to step forward to fill their shoes. The Revolution Club made an artistic array of posters of those who have been killed which provided a beautiful backdrop to the rally and were later carried in the march.

Other speakers included Lamar Whitfield from the group #NoMore and Ramon from the Revolution Club. Ted Sirota and Paul Street both from the National Editorial Board of Refuse Fascism both spoke and called on people to rally hundreds, then thousands, and ultimately millions in mass nonviolent protest to drive out this fascist regime.

Midway through the rally a group from the newly formed group Blak (Black Lives Activists of Kenosha) joined the rally. This group was formed right after the police shooting of Jacob Blake and members had driven down from Kenosha to represent at the gathering.

Toward the end of the rally another carload arrived from Kenosha. These were friends of Anthony Huber, organized by his partner. One of them closed the rally with brief and moving remarks about how Anthony believed that Black Lives Matter and died acting on his beliefs. Later he did an interview with Refuse Fascism Chicago.

Before marching, the entire crowd took the Refuse Fascism pledge, more determined than ever to rally ever greater numbers to go forward and defeat the imposition of this fascist regime.

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