Contribution from a reader:

To Those Who Feel “The Time Is Out of Joint”...



Who are in anguish over a situation they see is already horrific and who dread where it seems so relentlessly headed and yet remain Hamlet-like, hobbled by denial and fear, unable to act decisively against the sea of troubles that now threatens humanity: let us remember the outcome of Hamlet’s refusal to act, and make sure we do not end up in Elsinore Castle, Act V, Scene ii.

There is a way to act, now, to stop the fascism already with its hands gripping the levers of power from making a further, decisive leap in consolidating itself through an election which is already being stolen; an election in which violence in the service of the fascist Trump/Pence regime is not only contemplated and encouraged, but perpetrated. By all means vote; but voting is not enough, necessary but not sufficient.

In this crucial moment, there is the vision and possibility of a determined fight and massive nonviolent mobilization that could end this. Go here and here to find out more. The stakes are enormous.



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