by Bob Avakian



The “Black conservative” Candace Owens, who is working for Trump and the Republicans, is a shameless hypocrite—and worse. She tries to give herself “cred” by talking about how prior generations of her family had to deal with segregation and discrimination, while she fronts for that fascist Trump, who openly, blatantly, promotes white supremacy and white supremacist violence. Among other overt racist acts, Trump insists on defending Confederate statues and other monuments to segregation, discrimination, Ku Klux Klan Terror—and slavery

“Black conservatives,” like Candace Owens, want to “get in on” the “spoils” that come from this system’s plunder of people, here and around the world, and they desperately want to be accepted in the “high society” of the monstrous oppressors like Trump. These “Black conservatives” basically agree with the crude racism of their white fascist counterparts. Like “house slaves” living in the master’s house in old times, they fear that they will be “dragged down” by being associated with “those” Black people—those who are not “well behaved” and rebel against their oppressed conditions, especially those who dare to rise up against the brutality and murder of Black people by police

As I have said before:

Let the Candace Owenses of the world shuffle, scuffle and scratch for a share of the blood-soaked spoils of this system. For all those who hunger for a world without all the atrocity and terror, all the unnecessary suffering that is caused by this system of capitalism-imperialism, let us rise together to put an end to all this, in the only way it can be done: REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS!—a revolution not for revenge, or to “get ours” through the exploitation and degradation of others—a revolution for the emancipation of all humanity.*

Right now, as the immediate, urgent focus of the struggle against oppression and injustice—and to advance things toward the time when that fundamental revolution will be possible—let us mobilize in sustained, and growing, mass non-violent mobilization, day-after-day, powerfully giving expression to the unifying demand raised by, that the fascist Trump/Pence regime must be OUT NOW!


It’s Not “The Democrats”—It’s the Whole System!, An Answer to Candace Owens and Other Black NAZI Demagogues. This article by Bob Avakian is available at  [back]

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