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White Supremacy + Voter Intimidation and Vote Stealing = Fascism! Trump/Pence Out Now! Defend the Right to Vote!



Not since the days when the KKK murdered Black people who tried to register to vote have we seen anything like this. The right that people shed their blood to win is under attack from Trump and the fascist Republican Party.

These white supremacists are trying to steal the election. WE MUST STOP THEM! Over the next nine days join us in nonviolent action to thwart the attempts of the Trump/Pence regime to block Black, Latino and Indigenous people from voting.

  • Trump has unleashed mobs of white supremacist armed “militia” to rampage in statehouses and threaten those who demonstrate for Black lives. He has demonized nonviolent demonstrators and applauded those who kill them. He told a group of fascist supporters to “stand by” during the first debate in case he decides the election wasn’t going his way.
  • Trump has mobilized an army of 50,000 phony “poll watchers”—including former and current military and police—to go into Black, Latino and Native American communities on election day itself to intimidate people. And, again in the first debate, he told his followers to “watch people” as they voted.
  • Trump is undermining the post office’s operation so the ballots can’t be received or counted on time. In states controlled by Republi-fascists, they’ve closed places to drop off ballots and to vote early, doing this in a way that makes it harder for Blacks and Latinos in particular to vote. People in the inner city end up waiting 11 hours or more, while those in the suburbs get done in 15 minutes.
  • Mobs of Trump supporters have already gone out to early voting sites in many cities, or have tried to intimidate people who are using “drop boxes” to cast mail-in ballots.
  • Trump is preparing an army of lawyers to contest the election in states that go for Biden, he’s preparing to use Republican-run state legislatures to nullify the vote, and he’s rushing to put another fascist judge on the Supreme Court as his last line of defense to keep his ass in the white house.

We need to be real clear on what is going on—it’s a matter of life and death. This is not a “typical election.” This is not “oh, they’re both the same.” THIS IS A NINE-ALARM EMERGENCY. This is part of a rolling fascist coup. This is part of bringing in a regime in which people who do not go along with white supremacy, male supremacy, and America-first-over-the-world will have NO rights whatsoever. As Carl Dix, an initiator of Refuse Fascism, has said, “I have been warning for years that mass incarceration and police murder has been part of a slow genocide against Black people. Now we face the danger of a fast one.”

People are acting. Black and Brown people all over the country are coming out early to vote. All kinds of groups are filing suits and fighting in the courts. Others are preparing for election day itself, to protect people’s right to vote against Trump’s fascist marauders.

We support these efforts. Voting is essential. But VOTING WILL NOT BE ENOUGH. These next nine days before the election we in Refuse Fascism are organizing to:

  • Sound the alarm about the nature of the threat—by getting this statement out far and wide.
  • Beginning this week, we will go where the Trump/Pence campaign is throwing obstacles in the way of people trying to vote; we will engage in dramatic non-violent action that thwarts the regime's attempts to intimidate voters and enables people to exercise their right to vote.
  • Join on election day with many others to protect the right to vote as part of refusing to accept this fascist regime in any way, shape or form.

You are needed to be part of this. Join with us to go to the battleground states beginning this week.



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