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Trump Is Already Stealing the Election.


This is the time to be in the streets demanding
Trump/Pence OutNow!



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We face a rolling coup—a theft of an election—heading to a showdown November 3. 

Black and Latinx people forced to stand in line 12 hours to vote. Mail-in drop off locations shut down during a pandemic. Armed white supremacist MAGA militias being mobilized to intimidate. NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND TOGETHER IN THE STREETS AND PUBLIC SQUARES, CONTINUING THROUGH THE ELECTION AND AS LONG AS IT TAKES, TO STOP A FASCIST COUP.

We must vote in big numbers. But, the reality is that voting alone will not stop Trump. The illegitimate rushed confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, a theocratic fascist, to the Supreme Court is for the immediate purpose of throwing the election to Trump should he lose. This is an outrage that cannot stand! Trump and Amy Coney Barrett have refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

Coups… thefts of power… are stopped when people:

[1] plan and act BEFORE the coup… and
[2] build in the streets the unity and determination while working together… and  
[3] establish before the eyes of the world the righteousness of their demand.

This is what we accomplish by being in the streets every day before the election.

We must not be intimidated by the relentless barrage of hatred and threats from Trump’s rallies. We must not be lulled by “polls” showing that Biden is winning. And while we must vote, we must not rely on voting alone as the Trump/Pence regime steals the election.

We must overwhelm this fascist regime and movement with our mass non-violent protest. If we unite and rise like we did in the spring for Black lives, coming back day after day—united by the demand Trump/Pence OutNow! and refusing to stop till they’re gone—we can change the political situation. Our numbers, our diversity, and our heart for humanity can sustain us through whatever the Trump/Pence regime tries to do to remain in power. As we grow, we will inspire millions more to join this great struggle, until those in power are compelled to concede to our single demand that the regime must go.

Every day, come one and all into the streets and public squares for mass non-violent protests to demand Trump/Pence Out Now!

In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America

When YOU Take the Streets...



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