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To Refuse Fascism and everyone who feels the urgent need to end the nightmare that is the Trump/Pence regime



Election Day is upon us. The atmosphere is thick with threats from the Trump/Pence regime that there will not be a peaceful transfer of power, but rather a theft of the election – a “continuation” Trump called it … in reality, if they remain in power for 4 more years, it will be catastrophic for humanity with a leap in their fascist program.

At the same time, tens of millions of people are flooding to the polls to defeat Trump and they are filled with both hope and dread. The stakes could not be higher, and people feel it.

Refuse Fascism went into this fall calling for people to take to the streets everyday – gathering in the “City and Town Squares.” We struggled hard for people to recognize that facing a rolling theft of the election, and virulent MAGA caravans, rallies, and outright armed intimidation at the polls, requires mobilizing our side, a broad coalition of diverse forces learning, working, and acting together. While most people took to voting for now, and said to themselves and us, “we’ll take to the streets when Trump loses,” Refuse Fascism and those who responded to our call made real impact by “disturbing the air” with cages that people stayed in in Downtown LA, dramatizing what is being done to immigrants in our name. And, all across the country, in the Women’s Marches and during the illegitimate rubber stamp confirmation hearings of the theocratic patriarchal Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Refuse Fascism organized “Handmaids” to dramatize the stakes of this and the Demand: Trump/Pence Out Now!

Now the elections are upon us. While we can’t completely rule out that there will be something that happens that causes the dam to break before the election and millions pour into the street, that is not likely now, and we need to prepare for the momentous struggle if Trump cries the election is a fraud, attempts to shut down counting the votes or in other ways nullify the election.

To do this we have a 2-fold plan:

[1] To continue from now through Election Day and likely beyond with making our central gathering places that are magnets for people who want to act. We should continue to develop creative and bold non-violent actions that disrupt business as usual and wake people up to the reality that Trump Is Already Stealing the Election. We Need to Vote. But Voting Alone Will Not Stop Trump!

[2] We need to be preparing for the 5 Days from Election Day, November 3 through Saturday November 7.

These 5 Days are going to be crucial should, as is likely, the Trump/Pence regime move to steal the election. Trump will demand a winner be declared on Election Night – knowing full well that Democratic voters who follow the science of how to protect from COVID will have disproportionally voted by mail. They will move to end the counting. Fascist Fox News Network will sow doubt and confusion. MAGA militias and mobs will be in the streets. The first 5 days must not go unopposed. Millions of people must be moved to act. Orders from the regime to institutions responsible for delivering and counting the votes to stop doing so must be ignored and defied. The Demand TRUMP/PENCE OUTNOW! must be everywhere. And it has the potential to resonate even more widely as a demand against the illegitimacy of the regime’s theft of the election.

In this situation – and particularly in these first 5 days … there has to be a clear pole – a rallying cry, an expression of feet on the streets, that is focused on the single demand: Trump/Pence OUTNOW! What will be unfolding before people is that the institution that they wanted to and did rely on – voting – is, like so many other institutions and norms under this fascist regime being torn up and subverted by the regime. In this situation … while it will be necessary and right to join in demanding the votes be counted, simply relying on the “normal processes” of counting could very well “legitimize” a Trump victory, as he and the Republicans have changed many of the “rules of the game” and will do so even more. From its founding, has said that a fascist regime, whether it comes to power by “fair” or foul means, is always illegitimate. This underscores the importance of massive numbers of people acting together in non-violent protest – not just reactive to the regime’s moves or to the Democratic leadership’s calls to “let the process play out,” as Biden said in the debate, but to insist on our demand. Then, the processes and institutions could be forced to respond, to concede to our demand that this regime must go!

Our Plan is this:

Tuesday, November 3: Election Night!

At 6 pm ET, gather together online for a live webinar to watch election projections and returns and hear commentary from Refuse Fascism Editorial Board members. Hosted by Andy Zee and Coco Das. Where weather permits we will watch in the “public square.”

At 9 pm ET, go to the site of daily OutNow protests in the central square for vigils and gatherings to unite, discuss, plan, and organize. And, to be ready to take to the streets.

Wednesday, November 4

This is the day that many groups have called for protests at 5 pm. Gather people in the square at 4 pm with Trump/Pence Out Now banners and signs and march as a group to other planned protests, with the demand throughout: TRUMP/PENCE OUTNOW!

Thursday, November 5 and Friday, November 6

Stay in the streets to stop a fascist coup and demand Trump/Pence Out Now, with bold creative actions exposing the towering crimes of the Trump/Pence regime and the stakes for humanity if they are allowed to remain in power.

Saturday, November 7

This will be a day of massive protests around the country. A time when we must flood the streets and fill the squares across the country to overwhelm this fascist regime and movement with OUR numbers and heart for humanity.

When YOU Take the Streets...



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