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“How to STOP a fascist rolling coup? Act BEFORE the theft of power is completed! NOW IS THE TIME! GET IN THE STREETS!”

The Revolution, Nothing Less Show

*Andy Zee presents the challenge and gives instruction to all who care about humanity on how to STOP the Trump/Pence fascist rolling coup, from Los Angeles as part of the mass nationwide assemblies called for by RefuseFascism.org on October 24. 

*Sunsara Taylor interviews Jean Guerrero on her latest book Hate Monger: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda. As a senior adviser to Trump, Miller crafted much of the Trump/Pence regime’s anti-immigrant, xenophobic agenda. 

*As the Republi-fascists ram through Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment in record time for the immediate purpose of throwing the election to Trump, RefuseFascism.org organized bold direct actions in DC (and across the U.S.). Women dressed as Handmaids sound the alarm and disrupt the air! View the nationwide coverage and hear from some of the Handmaids who participated. 

*Special music video for the song Borderline by Outernational, featuring Bob Avakian.


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