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“Trump Is Stealing the Election
Act Decisively Now & All Next Week...
For the Future of Humanity: Trump/Pence Out Now! ”

The Revolution, Nothing Less Show

The Trump/Pence fascist regime must not be allowed to steal the election and remain in power. The regime has now rammed through Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation, at the same time as they carry out voter suppression, sowing doubt on the election process, while MAGA fascist street thugs continue to carry out voter intimidation and violence. Four more years of this fascist regime will mean horrors for humanity.

With days before the election, everyone who cares about humanity must ACT DECISIVELY to prevent another four years of this white supremacist, Christian fascist Trump/Pence regime. We must remain firm in our conviction that this regime is illegitimate, and call on everyone to take up the demand from RefuseFascism.org: Trump/Pence Out Now! 

In this episode:

  • Andy Zee gives crucial orientation and guidance on what needs to be done leading into and in the days following November 3. 
  • Andy Zee was recently interviewed on the Damage Report with John Iadarola. We'll feature both clips: “Trump Fascist Regime Threatens US Democracy” and "Why Trump Winning 2020 Is a Doomsday Scenario."
  • An update from cohost Sunsara Taylor reporting from DC on the dangerous implications of the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. 
  • A short video called “When YOU Take To The Streets” put together by the documentary filmmaker Renee Schwartz and featuring Luan Xocoyote. 


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