Sights & Sounds Nov 21 – 23:
Trump: You Lost. GET THE HELL OUT!

STOP Trying to Overturn the Election!
STOP Your Murderous Covid Program!
STOP Your Dangerous War Moves!
STOP Whipping Up MAGA Fascist Mobs!
Trump/Pence OUT NOW!



MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, November 21, 2020



The fascist Trump/Pence regime must continue to feel the heat of our righteous demand that they must go. Every move they make to illegitimately hold on to power and overturn the election must be met by our side standing up – in the streets – nonviolently, defiantly with justice and an electoral victory behind us to say: NO! Trump/Pence OUT NOW!


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November 23:


November 21:

November 23:

Washington DC

The General Services Administration (GSA)
This is the agency that is supposed to administer Covid relief – the Trump/Pence regime is sabotaging the GSA as Covid runs wild.

November 21:

New York City

New York City, November 21, 2020

Delivering body bags to Trump International Hotel – representing the blood on Trump’s hands with his deathly refusal to concede to the election.

Los Angeles

Vigil in Los Angeles for lives stolen by this regime. November 21, 2020



On November 21, a mob of hundreds of Trumpites (all stripes, Alex Jones, Proud Boys, militia groups, white supremacists ) in Atlanta demanded the overturning of the election of Biden. On the other side of police lines, they were opposed by dozens of people part of a coalition with the demand “Racists Out of ATL,” including many who were focused on calling on people to vote for Democratic candidates in runoff elections in Georgia that will decide control of the Senate. Within that, Refuse Fascism brought the chants “Trump pack your shit! You’re illegitimate!” and “Steal the election-Hell No-Trump/Pence Must Go!”


“Representing in Gettysburg”






Voices of Conscience and Resistance

Trump’s Trying to Stay in Power? Oh HELL NO!



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