“What kind of Democracy is this... Is this Republic worth keeping?”

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In the article, Avakian writes,

It is a good thing that Jerry Falwell Jr.’s exhibition of his racism has been met with outrage and protest, even from among the students and alumni of Liberty University (as well as others). But if this outrage is confined and misdirected into a misguided and fundamentally erroneous notion that this racism is somehow out of keeping with the supposedly positive—but in reality extremely negative—“values” of Liberty University (and the Christian fundamentalism on which it is based), this will result not only in “de-fanging” this outrage but in reinforcing the “package” of reactionary, yes, fascistic, outlook and aims that are represented not simply by Falwell but by the Trump/Pence regime to which he is closely tied and for which he is a relentless advocate and apologist.

Democracy works. We voted. The people have spoken, now allow the system to do its course.” These are common views in society of many after the election. People may now go back in their cupboards convincing themselves the worse is now past, now let’s rejoice at the beautiful American democracy we all have learned to enjoy and what the world aspires to replicate. People going back to their cupboards where their worn-out blinders lived for four years: “Great, here they are. Thank you democracy! We can now get back to normalcy!”

Yes, Biden won. Trump lost. But how about the 73 million people who voted for Trump who are OK with children separated from their parents and locked in cages? What about the Christian fascists in the Supreme Court who want to overturn Roe v. Wade and want the bible as the schools’ textbook? What about the white supremacist thugs who have been hardened by this regime, especially post-election as they maraud claiming election fraud? Will there be a section of fascists who will continue to get organized claiming Biden to be illegitimate? And if so, what do we do about them? Will Trump or Trump Jr. or someone like Trump have an opportunity to run for presidency again?

I think a question that needs to be asked by millions, especially the millions who voted out Trump, what kind of democracy is this... is this republic worth keeping?

To come back to the quote above, and its spirit: It is good Trump was defeated! But if this defeat only plays with your outlook that “democracy works” and the last four years was just a hiccup, a bump on the road, you’d be playing in the hands of the very system that gave rise to a fascist. A country founded on the slavery, kidnapping of Africans considered subhuman, the lynching and terror of Jim Crow, genocide on Natives and wars for empire to today. Do you really think Trump and company are just a fluke of this system?

It is really important you recognize that it is the very nature of this system that gave rise to a fascist and has the potential to do it again and seek to understand the problem and solution, otherwise you’d ultimately be part of reinforcing that system with all the horrors it perpetuates. And if they succeed to hold power again, the nightmare of the last four years will be seen as a walk on the beach on a sunny, warm day with your loved one and children playing in the sand. This is no joke. It is no exaggeration!

Deep inside, you have questioned the past four years. You’ve sought out your blinders from your cupboard but you were surrounded, suffocated by the reality of the regime’s fascist program. Even as you accommodated by ignoring it, you didn’t like it.

You have questioned how and why a Donald Trump was elected president. Now you are questioning why over 73 million voted for Trump. What will happen with the Nazi armed thugs foaming at the mouth to make America white again? Will they just go away? These are crucial questions that affect the future of humanity and the planet. The worst thing to do now is push the snooze button on those questions. There are answers to these questions, in the work of Bob Avakian, on revcom.us, but they are not easy answers. They may well shake your core beliefs and make you uncomfortable and skeptical. But what is the alternative?



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