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On the Fascists’ Claim That They Are Being Censored



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The right-wing reactionaries are crying about freedom of speech after the open white-supremacist and genocidal racist, former President Donald Trump and his stomp-down followers and their narrative had been banned from many major social media platforms. Now major Republican conservatives like Texas Governor Greg Abbot are aggressively attacking this, claiming that censoring the reactionary, right-wing conservative narrative is an “attack” on freedom of speech. That if you want to censor one narrative, you have to censor both. Speaking here, I imagine, of the “left-wing” narrative, or better said, “any narrative that is in opposition to all that is wrong with the toxic right-wing reactionary conservative-Christian fascist ideology/narrative,” which is a narrative to the tune of white supremacy, racism, racial genocide, oppression, exploitation, anti-science, anti-reality, with destruction and death, death to those opposed to such narrative.

It is such a narrative that they are crying about it being censored and opposed, as it should be! Would you have allowed Hitler and his Nazis to promote their genocidal narrative?

Freedom of speech is an unalienable right protected by a constitution, true enough. But even the most basic human rights have their obvious limitations. Freedom to bear arms don’t mean freedom to use those arms and murder as you please. Freedom of religion doesn’t allow you to impose your religion on anyone who don’t want it. So it is with freedom of speech. Citing the old but true example of lying and screaming fire in a crowded theater causing chaos, harm and destruction. Because, for one, it being a lie. Second, that lie causes harm and destruction. Freedom of speech is rightfully denied there, and everyone would agree to that.

Now, the “conservative” right-wing, reactionary narrative, which is a thinly veiled layer covering within it a deeper narrative. One of White Supremacy, racism, racial oppression, human exploitation in the name of profits, male patriarchy, xenophobia, and an outmoded religious fundamentalist form of viewing reality. All are narratives whose very essence is based on lies, misinformation, hatred and outright lunacy, which no matter how “soft” you try to push such narratives will always contain within it, a lie, negative intentions and destruction. Destruction to human life, positive human societal relations, destruction to the earth and destruction of the potential of human progress and the furthering of human evolution.

“How can you say my narrative is a lie? My truth may not be your truth.” But there is in fact a truth. A truth to reality that’s acquired through the evidence gathered using the scientific method tool. It is how humans have been able to determine how the natural world around us works. It is how we can truthfully say (for example) that rain is caused through moisture evaporating from the earth etc. (its own cycled process) and not through the actions of some rain god receiving the burnt offering of a goat. It is how humans can determine the process and what is needed to effectively cure a sickness or heal a wound. Through the application of science and the scientific method in determining the truth and reality of situations, things and the world. And not the lie of praying to some imaginary god, that’s only “real” in the minds of individuals, to cure a sickness through a miracle of such “god.”

So there is a universal truth to the way reality works. The more you deny it, the more the truth will lash back as you live the contradictory life of a lie. There is in fact, a lie that’s harbored and promoted to the masses, for the purposes and benefit of a ruling class in this society.

Who denies the scientifically acquired truth that the rule of the capitalist class and the economic system of capitalism that they impose on society is in direct contradiction to human life? It’s a contradiction to anything meaningful or positive in society. It is a contradiction to the well-being of our planet earth as the making of profits is favored through an old established outmoded energy source, that is proven to cause great harm to our earth through the over pollution it causes.

This great lie that’s promoted by ruling class circles and their upholders, in hiding and denying the truths stated above, so that they and theirs selfishly stay in a dominant position of Power. Is not only a great crime to humanity and the earth but the universe as well, for the reason that, if humanity doesn’t overcome the obstacles in the way of conquering the contradictions that we may face and are imposed upon us, it will lead to the destruction of all that is good in humanity and the world. Resulting in us not spreading past this earth due to our self-destruction, or having the worse elements of us spread across the stars, leaving death and destruction as the legacy of the human race. Due to humanity unable to overcome the major contradictions it faces, because people here and now refuse to act in the name of humanity to oppose and resist one of these obstacles: fascism and their reactionary “conservative narrative.” That will continue to enforce brutally, the lie, their lie that upholds, harbors and selfishly benefits in profits & power from the imposed suffering of human beings.

So NO! we refuse the fascist, genocidal racist narrative you hide behind “conservatism.” We ain’t trying to hear it, see it, feel it, tolerate or reconcile with it. In fact we shall work tirelessly and endlessly to eliminate from the face of the earth the bulwark of fascism, white supremacy, racism oppression and exploitation. Most of all and importantly, eliminating the system of capitalism/Imperialism, that is at the heart of all these fucked up contradictions that we, as a society and as a human race come face to face with every day.

No, freedom of speech, even under the lines of your constitution does not protect your fascist narrative you hide behind “conservatism,” due to the undeniable lies that it contains and promotes and the undeniable chaos, death and destruction that it champions.

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