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Why Did 70+ Million People Vote for this Genocidal Racist, Openly White Supremacist, Fascist Trump?



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This question brings to mind that old but true analysis that the views and mind frame of a society are but a reflection of the views and mind frame of its ruling class. That being said, I can think of a couple reasons why 70+ million people still voted for Trump/Pence. A lot of it has to do with the fact that white-supremacy, religious dogmatism, male patriarchy, and American chauvinism, are deeply engrained into the psyche of the American people of every shade. The American people, left groggy by the excruciating grind of the capitalist machine, are left defenseless to constant venomous propaganda and brainwashing. Just like us, LatinX, Black and Native people, white people are also a product of their environment, and the inheritors of a long since established doctrine, which the dynamics of the capitalist system and its effects on society and how conditions in society evolve from such dynamics. Such doctrine can seem “justifiable” as it’s enforced in the minds of Americans whose minds are locked-in to think and function according to what’s dictated under the American capitalist system which they find themselves confined to.

Voting for the Trump/Pence fascist regime in capitalist America made sense in accordance to what capitalism is and to what the United States represents and has always represented. There are people, not just white people, who are down with and uphold capitalist American values. Why? They have been conditioned into doing so since any other way has been discouraged and defamed through aggressive negative propaganda and ruthless repression against those who advocate for another way. You can almost compare it to, like when the Christian fanatics say: “Well if God and Christianity is not the truth, then why do so many people believe in it?” Well let’s not forget back in the early days, Christians would kill and torture those who didn’t believe in their imaginary Christian God. So life ultimately depended on taking up such religious dogmatism. And as a matter of course, such ideal notions would be passed down since it was a matter of life or death to not do so. Same as the subject at hand, one’s survival is determined by one’s ability to “play by the rules” of the capitalist system and to “adopt” the American way of life as one’s own. Bucking this puts a big question mark on your survival rate, while at the same time, for many, being confined to the workings and dynamics of the American capitalist system also puts a question mark on their survival.

When you have a society whose very foundation was and is based on white supremacy, religious fundamentalism, male patriarchy and blind patriotism, and those are the pillars that hold this parasitic country together, you’ll have a people that will evolve from that. You’ll have conditions that will evolve from that. And all that is good and righteous will always continue to collide with the negative aspects of this society. Sometimes the good and righteous gain ground as seen in concessions won during the civil rights movements, or the gains in women’s rights, or rights for immigrants, and so on. Yet, still bound to the United States and its original fucked up blueprint, those hard fought won rights will always be contended since it goes against what the United States originally stands for and represents. Only by overthrowing capitalism, dismantling the United States with its institutions and what they represent, so that we may rebuild and refashion a new country, a new society with a different more better and positive modes of operation, modes of production that will promote different and better societal relationships, will we ever escape the horrors and despicable things that are perpetuated by the United States and the fucked up mind state that evolved in humans in said society.

Is there hope for white people? Only for those with a heart, those who hate the horrible things this country does, those who can’t stand the open evilness this country endorses. Those who broke with the lie of the supposed “shining city on a hill”; those who see the American dream for what it is, a disillusionment and a lie. The white people who truly wish to see humanity progress and move forward, not backwards as the religious fascist do. Only for those white people is there hope.

For the stomp down MAGA-fascist supporters and up-holders, hell nah, there is no hope. They have firmly chosen their side and are apparently willing to die for it, hence, heavily armed and seemingly ready for war wherever they show up. They chose their side as we have chosen and are willing to die for ours. Would you ever allow yourself to be converted into a NAZI? NO! So what makes you think you can convert a fanatical Christian-fascist into a decent human being?

The laws of evolution are forever at work, two opposing contradictions colliding with each other till one out beats the other, thus creating a new form, a new being. I hope it’s not fascism and evil that prevails. Humanity has had a fucked up past. I hope we don’t have a fucked up future as well. Humankind might not make it then.

“We pledge our determination to prevail over a regime that imperils the people of the world and the earth itself.”[From the Refuse Fascism “A Pledge to the People of the World”]

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