Earth Day 2021



In his New Year's Statement, Bob Avakian has called on people to "confront the fundamental reality that there is no future worth living for the masses of people and ultimately for humanity as a whole under this system..." The environmental crisis is a concentrated expression of this. There is a REAL road out, in the work of Bob Avakian, including in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America. This needs to be grappled with, taken up and applied.

Watch Raymond Lotta on The Revolution—Nothing Less! Show talk about how a socialist republic in what is now the USA can and would immediately set to work on this environmental catastrophe.

The Biden climate summit is a cruel imperialist deception, a slap in the face for anyone who cares about the fate of the planet. It ignores what science is telling us about the urgency of the environmental crisis and the scale of action needed. The emission cuts proposed amount to a measly drop in the carbon bucket. And like all that came before, it’s based on vague pledges and promises. Meanwhile the planet gets hotter and the people of the global South bear the greatest suffering of this crisis. More analysis coming soon on


Environmental activist Greta Thunberg's short Earth Day video calls this summit for what it is...”bullshit.”



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