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“You wish to see a better world, but won’t follow Bob Avakian because of what!??!”



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My response to people who say they want to see a better world, but they won’t follow Bob Avakian because he’s not Black... or a woman, or of an oppressed nationality.

First and foremost, if that in fact is the reason you won’t follow Bob Avakian, then you just day trippin! Let me remind you of our principal identity—the main identity that connects us all and deems us all equal. We must never forget that we are human beings! Regardless of color, sex, creed, likes and dislikes, agree with it or not, you are experiencing life as a human being! As much as they wish for you to forget, or confuse you about it, they can never take that away from you.

One does not have to be of a certain skin tone, black or brown or be of a certain nationality or a woman, to be able to feel and understand their oppression. Being a conscious human being is enough to feel the pain and suffering of another human being. Being a conscious human is enough to be angered and disgusted at the unjust and fucked up treatment of people, and to be firmly against the oppression humans experience at the hands of other humans, directly and or systematically.

Realizing that, how could you justify limiting yourself, or being separated and confined to such and such identity as an individual or as a people. When at the same time, objectively, as long as you live, you will be of the human race. It is true, people throughout time have denied and spread false ideologies and notions that go against our human identity which connects us all on this earth either thru willful ignorance or purposeful deceit. How easier it is to conquer, oppress, murder and steal from other groups of people when you deny they are fundamentally the same as you.

With that being said, Bob Avakian is coming to you as a human being. What he is bringing you and humanity is a scientifically guided way out of this senseless vicious cycle of human oppression and exploitation. Along with the blueprint to build a better society, one that prioritizes its mode of production to benefit humanity. A new society, one organized under a system whose foundation and principles is the ending of oppression and exploitation. A society whose main goal is improving the quality of human life, with the capability of bringing humanity ever closer to the best versions of themselves.

That’s not empty and “pretty talk.” What Bob Avakian is bringing you and the masses is the actual scientific method and strategy for an actual revolution that could successfully overthrow the capitalist system and the white-supremacy it can’t exist without. We can give you a million reasons why you should follow Bob Avakian and be down for a revolution. Does there exist one justifiable reason why the masses and the rest of humanity, should continue to allow the system of capitalism/imperialism and the white supremacy that helps it function, to exist even one more day? BA is not asking for blind faith, but to check out what he’s talking about. Let truth and evidence decide if Bob Avakian and his leadership for an actual revolution, deserves your conscious support.

What Bob Avakian hopes to inspire with his scientifically grounded revolutionary leadership is the confidence in the masses, that they can for a fact bring about a revolution and successfully overthrow the oppressive capitalist/imperialist system and its white supremacist government. Not only that, but that the masses without a doubt, possess the potential and collective power to organize a different and better society, one where racism, all forms of oppression and exploitation, have no place to exist. One where all human lives matter! and are prioritized! But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourselves.


Bob Avakian (BA) is the most important political thinker and leader in the world today.

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