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From someone who gave $50:

“In the wake of recent Middle East tensions, the plight of oppressed voices amplifies the need for Revolution. The era of wishful thinking for the hope that the sinister desolation of Colonial Imperial Capitalism will reform itself, moves deeper into extinction. As corporate establishment institutions continue to show they are a farcical danger to the wellbeing of Civil society, we are blessed with another turning point in the history of humanity and an opportunity for positive, all inclusive change. Let's strive together to make it a reality, by challenging the systemic roots of oppression in our world today.”

* * *

From Chicago

African American retired railroad worker. Donating $25. His statement to use on livestream:

“Since I was introduced to this communist leadership and their calls for revolution and all their work over many years to make that happen, I've wanted to give what I can to this worthy cause. I would give much more if I could, because I can't think of a better cause than revolution. Forget the churches, the TV evangelists, the Democrats and the Republicans—give whatever you can to a real revolutionary cause. This group is proudly at the top of my list!”

Below is a message from a manager of a convenience store in Houston, who contributed $17 himself and has put up a donation jar for the revolution.

"I just heard Dr. Phil Rice's message about fundraising for the revolution. I'm doing my part, donating and encouraging others to donate. I have a fundraising jar at my job. I encourage people to donate and to read about it. I'm not good with words. So other people can do other things like motivational speaking. Or go to marches and spread the word … I am for Humanity First. That's a big thought, what this whole revolution is about. Everyone together for this common goal."

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From New York:

I'm a Vietnam era Veteran. 1969–1970. This is a letter written to raise funds for the National Revolution Tour.

I witnessed and was part of the breaking apart of the US military. Of course the Vietnamese were the main cause of the US defeat. The juggernaut was broken. The US defeated.

As troops were more & more questioning the stated purpose of the Vietnam war, Black Panthers reached out to speak at coffeehouses near US bases. They changed lives including mine. Panthers talked about the Vietnamese as frontline fighters against US imperialism, the enemy of the people of the world. A far cry from "Save our troops."

It made a huge difference that there was a revolutionary pole very visible in society. This is very much needed now. And today the revolution tour spreads Bob Avakian's leadership and strategy for revolution.

In the Vietnam years, hundreds of underground newspapers were put out by angry anti-war GI's at bases worldwide. They were shocked awake by the horrific reality of the war. Massacre after massacre and torture of Vietnamese men women and children.

This was all making the US military begin to fall apart. In my unit the Base Commander greatly assisted the circulation of our anti-war newsletter by holding it in the air at a large auditorium of troops and forbidding them to read it.

I am as angry about Vietnam as I've ever been! But since Vietnam there have been U.S. wars and bombings of countries over & over & over. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen. Only revolution will end these wars.

This revolutionary way out is being fought for politically on the front lines by the Revolution Club on the Revolution Tour. This movement for revolution is being led by Bob Avakian and the New Communism he has developed. This movement is fully capable and must become a major influence on all society including very importantly the US military.

I am contributing $200 to the tour even though I'm a disabled Veteran. This is to encourage others with more money and also Veterans with little money to also donate if you want a world without any more predatory Vietnam type wars or Nuclear war.

If you want a world without a war on immigrants, the horrible oppression of women and differently gendered people, the unrelenting murder of Black, Latinx and Native Americans by Pigs, a world without the destruction of our planet.

Donate to the Revolution Tour!

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Statement from woman from Trinidad

“Why I fundraise for the revolution is because I am tired of this system and how it is working against you … Fundraising is necessary for the work of the Revolution Tour and Rev Clubs because of what they are are doing getting the message out about Bob Avakian and the revolution to the masses abroad —internationally as well as in the US. They need food, bullhorns at rallies, ink and paper for printing, etc. We need to come together with the Rev Club to do what we can to donate to the Tour. We need to engage more of the young people so they can really know what the money is going to. The importance of fundraising allows us to meet with the youth one on one or in groups on the street to educate and recruit them to the revolution. Once educated they cannot unknow—hence we have to educate them about the revolution because they are the future.

* * *

From Juanita Young:

My name is Juanita Young, the mother of Malcolm Ferguson who was murdered by the NYPD in March of 2000. I'm donating $1,500 to the National Revolution Tour, and I'm calling on others to donate to it too and to match my donation. The revcoms have stood with me and other families fighting to end police getting away with murdering our children. And thru working with them over the years, I've recognized that we aren't just fighting for self, but for eliminating all oppression and for humanity. And I've come to understand that we need a revolution.

* * *

From a young doctor who supports this revolution, who gave $600 since May 1:

In every life snuffed out by the murderous oppressors of this system, or lost fleeing devastation to cross the deadly gauntlet of the US southern border ... or those who died in a moment's breath in their home as death rained from above at the hands of the US or its most dependable allies ... we lose humanity, joy, spirit, and creativity ... a loss that did not need to be. In the brave uprisings in Minneapolis or Kenosha, Cali or Gaza City, there are the seeds of a new world.

More than anything else at this moment, people need a scientific vision that can shape the struggle, allow them to see the roots of these regenerating outrages as this system itself, that these stem from the necessity it faces and can never be reformed away, and that this system is not invulnerable and that it regenerates the fuel of its own potential destruction with each brutal act. People need the new communism, and the leadership of Bob Avakian, to see the right path forward, and the real potential that exists before us.

Genuine revolutionary consciousness is needed, desperately, and a movement that embodies this exists, is growing, and needs our support!! Please give to match—and exceed—my gift. Let us all do our part to take responsibility for the growth of this revolution!

* * *

From a mental health professional: $1,000 Challenge for the Revolution Tour

What kind of world are you willing to fight for? Are you willing to give your heart and resources to courageous people who are putting their lives on the line to end the oppression grinding the life out of humanity and the planet? Then you should answer the call to donate to the “Get organized for an actual revolution tour,” and I will match your donations up to $1,000. But, give all that you can, because you either live with the horrors of this system, or you fight for revolution. Anything else is worthless!

Capitalism/imperialism is a rancid system where 132 people die by suicide each day in the US; 800,000 people die by suicide each year worldwide and depression is the leading cause of disability in the world. 15 million people globally live or work within garbage dumps filled with filth and disease; 805 million go hungry every day and 5.2 million children die of preventable disease each year. In the US, Black and Brown people are shot down for doing nothing at all. Fascists are legitimized; women are raped and beaten; immigrants are terrorized and hundreds of thousands of people have died needlessly from covid 19. I can not tolerate another moment of these horrors! Can you?

This is a rare time where a revolutionary force can be brought forward because this system is in crisis. The Revolution Tour represents the most advanced forces of the vanguard party. Followers of Bob Avakian, the architect of the new synthesis of communism. Hope, based on science, for a world fit for human beings. The revcoms are on the move, from LA to Times Square. Inspiring. Bringing the life and breadth of the revolution to the masses and waking the people up for what is possible in this country. We ask you to step up to support the revcoms and meet this $1,000 challenge. Dare to take action on your dream. A world that reaches for the highest aspirations of humanity!

A Mental Health Professional and Supporter of the Revolution



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