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Liked what you saw? OK, then, let’s get started.*

To prepare for your new career and learn about the history of the institution you’re fighting to join, bone up with this helpful quiz. (And don’t get triggered by the format... we include the answers!)


*If you’re not able to watch the video, this CIA recruitment ad features a Latina agent who speaks of her immigrant parents and says, “I am a woman of color, I am a mom, I am a cis-gender millennial... I am intersectional... I refuse to internalize misguided, patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be....”  [back]


1. In which country did the CIA plot and sponsor a coup that brought to power a fascist general who murdered and tortured thousands and drove many more into exile?

  1. Haiti
  2. Chile
  3. Guatemala
  4. Dominican Republic




2. True or False? The CIA has always acted against the use and trade of illicit drugs.

  1. True
  2. False




3. Which Latin American political figure was killed in a CIA assassination plot?

  1. Fidel Castro
  2. Manuel Noriega, Panama
  3. Che Guevara
  4. Salvador Allende




4. In which country did CIA counter-insurgency operations lead to horrific suffering for the masses of people?

  1. Guatemala
  2. El Salvador
  3. Argentina
  4. Paraguay




5. The CIA manuals used in the School of the Americas were used to train Latin American military officers in which of the following?

  1. humane treatment of prisoners
  2. observing international law
  3. coding secret messages
  4. carrying out torture




6. True or False? The 1964 right-wing coup in Brazil was carried out by the Brazilian military without CIA involvement.

  1. True
  2. False




This quiz is mainly focused on CIA in the Americas. It would take many more pages to cover the crimes of the CIA and U.S. imperialism worldwide. To learn about some of those, get into the revcom.us series American Crime.

All this work is done to ensure the domination of the U.S. of the whole world, which makes possible the “great standard of living” in the U.S. and makes sure that (some) people in this country have the opportunity to “live their best lives now.” And the new intersectional CIA now wants everyone—whatever their gender, nationality, “race,” or background—to share in that work.

Uh oh, you’re looking a little pale. What’s wrong? Feeling a little sick to your stomach? Not so sure you want to get in on the bloody work of empire?

Well, you could devote your life to something else—to revolution. To overthrowing the system that needs the CIA and that, no matter how supposedly “representative” its institutions become—can never actually do away with the horrors it rains down around the world and the savage inequalities and vicious racism that grow worse and worse “at home,” no matter how many reforms or how much “inclusion” it offers to a section of the oppressed.

Revolution—nothing less. Anything short of that leaves us in a world of horror.




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