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We received the following from the International Emergency Campaign to Free Iran's Political Prisoners

On June 4, the online progressive journal CounterPunch.org published an important article by Larry Everest about the Emergency Campaign.  Below are excerpts from the article.  We urge our readers to read the full article at CounterPunch and ACT to spread the Campaign’s Emergency Appeal.

JUNE 4, 2021

Vicious Wave of Repression Sparks Global Movement to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners



She should imagine thousands of people in the court room, standing next to her and demanding: #FreeNahid

That’s what Mariam Claren told her imprisoned mother, a 66-year-old, dual German-Iranian citizen and women’s rights activist, before her first Iranian court appearance on April 28.

As the world’s attention concerning Iran largely focuses on the nuclear negotiations between governments (Iran, the U.S. and other big powers), the Islamic Republic has unleashed a sweeping but largely unreported wave of arbitrary arrests.

This in turn has sparked new protests in Iran, courageous resistance by political prisoners and a growing global movement of relatives, former prisoners, human rights organizations, arts organizations and other supporters demanding their freedom. The renowned, now imprisoned attorney Nasrin Soutedeh, who has continued to speak out for all Iran’s political prisoners from behind bars, has attracted wide international support....

...That makes the Emergency Appeal’s stance all the more timely and important: The governments of the U.S. and Iran act from their national interests. And, in this instance, we the people of the U.S. and Iran, along with the people of the world, have OUR shared interests, as part of getting to a better world: to unite to defend the political prisoners of Iran. In the U.S., we have a special responsibility to unite very broadly against this vile repression by the IRI, and to actively oppose any war moves by the U.S. government that would bring even more unbearable suffering to the people of Iran.

All those who stand for justice and yearn for a better world must rally to the cause of freeing Iran’s political prisoners NOW!

I encourage CounterPunch readers to join me in endorsing it.

Read full article at CounterPunch

Go to the Emergency Appeal website: for urgent updates, to sign, to volunteer



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