Getting this revolution, and its leadership, known everywhere—A great need, the main aspect, and some initial experiences



People, often those who most need this Revolution—are caught up in very difficult conditions of life—with work, family and finances, and time constraints. So, we need to work with people to problem-solve on how people can contribute to the Revolution, within all these constraints. Here are some resources, initial ideas and proposals and experiences we are sharing.  

We can and need to take BA, directly out to people, the most precious thing we DO have, the leadership and the architect for a whole new framework of human emancipation.

In terms of resources, we can go here for short film and audio clips in which BA speaks directly to the people and brings home in a real way what this Revolution is all about. Here, here and here are other clips in which revcoms talk about why they follow this leadership and why others should, too.  Hear Joe Veale and Carl Dix speak on June 12. Here you can find quotes from BA, including from BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian, which is both a handbook for revolutionaries and a way for all kinds of people to learn about BA and the principles of the revolution he’s leading.

Second, there are a number of initial experiences of spreading this—in real life (IRL) and online, that we are sharing here and here. They include people spreading this at work and in their day-to-day life, in joining with others where people gather, and on social media.




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