Check It Out: Betrayal at Attica

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HBO Max is now streaming a new documentary, Betrayal at Attica, which chronicles the vicious murders of the prisoners and hostages at the Attica Prison in New York on September 13, 1971. As we approach the 50th anniversary of this brutal attack on unarmed prisoners, this documentary as told by Liz Fink, the lead attorney in the federal civil rights case for the Attica Brothers, exposes the brutality of the massacre and the State of New York’s cover-up of the righteous Attica Rebellion. (See American Crime Case #81: September 13, 1971—Massacre of Heroic Attica Prisoners.) I don’t want to divulge the ending; however, it is worth noting that the documentary links this 1971 massacre and brutal treatment of the Black Attica prisoners with the recent police murders of Black people. The trailer of the documentary can be seen here.



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