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Episode 69 of The RNL—Revolution, Nothing Less!—Show

Sept 11 & US's 20 year War OF Terror; Plus: Texas Abortion Ban—Women Are NOT Baby-Making Machines!


Andy Zee cuts thru the patriotic lies and bullshit: the U.S. imperialists has waged a war OF terror against the people of Afghanistan and the world, leaving millions dead and an entire region devastated. An excerpt from Bob Avakian drives home the monstrosity of the U.S.'s wars and crimes against humanity. Then, Sunsara Taylor takes aim at the Texas Abortion Ban and calls for the outrage of millions to be mobilized to STOP this assault on abortion rights and challenges everyone jolted by this to dig seriously into why a revolution is needed, what this revolution involves and what kind of society it is aiming for. Through a powerful segment from Bob Avakian exposing what drives the Christian fascist assault on women and excerpts from the Constitution For The New Socialist Republic In North America, we bring alive that: We DO NOT Have To Live This Way! Get organized with us for REVOLUTION, NOTHING LESS!


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