Revolutionary Worker #877, October 13, 1996

The following Call was sent to the RW from Refuse & Resist!:

It is being circulated for signatories. R&R! has requested that this Call be posted, reproduced and distributed.


It's time to stand up. It's time to act. We are living in a season when mean-spirited politics and injustice ride high. With cruel and dangerous agendas dominating the election debates, our voice will be heard. Whether we vote or whether we don't, in big organizations or alone in small towns, as many and as one, we will not lie down for this. We say NO! to the politics of punishment, poverty, and injustice.


We will reach into every corner of society. We will break down the barriers among the people. We will stand with each other. We will bring into being a new spirit of resistance and new alliances. We will not allow the government to execute Mumia Abu- Jamal. Every new attack will be met with increasingly strong resistance. We will begin in October, and go forward from there to build the movement we need.

To the racists and women haters,

To the gay-bashers and welfare slashers,

To the prison builders and executioners,


Make October a National Month of Resistance

The following have endorsed as of 10/3/96:

Mumia Abu-Jamal, author, Live from Death Row, PA | Act-Up/ Atlanta | Afro-American Lawyers Association, Hawai'i | Bill Adler, Mouth Almighty Records*, New York | Kazim Ali, United States Student Association | Richard Barrett, Mighty Mighty Bosstones* | Father Luis Barrios, St. Mary's Episcopal Church*, Harlem | Berkshire Cat Hospital, Lenox, MA | Kekuni Blaisdell, Ka Pakaukau*, Hawai'i | Daphne Bradshaw, President, Allegheny County, MD chapter of NOW* | Prof. Dennis Brutus, Africa Network, Pittsburgh, PA | Quo Canty & 7 other rebellious women behind bars, HI | Kenneth Carroll, poet/activist, Washington, DC | Rev. Robert W. Castle, St. Mary's Episcopal Church*, Harlem | Center for Democratic Renewal | Angel Cervantes and the 4 Winds Student Movement, CA | Dr. Phyllis Chesler, author | Mark Colasurdo, founder of Gimme Shelter Productions*, Baltimore, MD | Commandante Chrysalis, Urban Guerrilla Poets, Cleveland | Robbie Conal, guerrilla artist | Ron Daniels, Center for Constitutional Rights | Wendy Day, Rap Coalition | Bernardine Dohrn, Chicago | Carol A. Downer, Esq., Founding Director, Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers* | Prof. Peter Erlinder, President, National Lawyers Guild | Jean Fallow, National Campaign for Freedom of Expression | Brian L. Finkel, D.O., Metro Phoenix Women's Center | Joseph Foti, Students Organizing for Justice in the Americas, UC<|>Berkeley* | Freedom Socialist Party | Marlene Gerber Fried, Director, Hampshire College Civil Liberties & Public Policy Program | Kit Gage, National Committee Against Repressive Legislation | Reg E. Gaines, playwright, poet | Gloria, poet, performer, sculptor, educator, New York | Frances Goldin, literary agent, New York | Mary Lou Greenberg, Revolutionary Communist Party, NYC, and R&R! National Council | Ronald E. Hampton, National Black Police Association | Kathleen Hanna, Bikini Kill* | Osvaldo Hernandez, Miami | Lister Hewan-Lowe, WUSB, Long Island | Danny Hoch, urban griot, New York | Merle Hoffman, founder and president, Choices Women's Medical Center | Darius James, author, poet, journalist, New York | Wendi Jones, Bay Area Coalition For Our Reproductive Rights, SF* | Brenda Joyner, Director, Feminist Women's Health Center*, Tallahassee, & R&R! National Council | Barbara Kingsolver, author, Tucson, AZ | Frank M. Kirkland Asst. Chairman, Phil. Dept., Hunter College, NY | C. Clark Kissinger, writer for Revolutionary Worker& R&R! National Council | Yuri Kochiyama, Malcolm X Committee | Tania Kostanian, MHONA International* | Prof. Joel Kovel, author, Bard College* | Ronald Kuby, defense attorney & R&R! National Council | Jaan Laaman, Ohio 7 political prisoner, Leavenworth, KS | James Lafferty, Vice President, National Lawyers Guild | La Resistencia, Houston, Texas | Oliver Lee, Hawaii Union of Socialists* | David Lester, filmmaker, R&R! National Council | Jim Levin, Director, Cleveland Public Theater* | Joseph F. Lally, Fugazi* | Pélé Lanier, Artist Management, NYC | Ed Loring, Atlanta | Ian MacKaye, Fugazi* | Michelle Mae, musician, Make-Up* | Michael Males, author, Irvine, CA | Prof. Jesse McDade, Morgan State University* | Keith McHenry, Food Not Bombs International | Dr. M.T. Mehdi, American-Arab Relations Committee | Maureen Millingen Campus Action* & the Students of Color Network* in Albany | Greg Morozumi, LaPeña*, Berkeley, CA | John Murdock, Freaks Against Fascism* | Mutabaruka, reggae dub poet | Sara Naff, Greensboro, NC | | Scott Nakagawa, Portland, Oregon | National Lawyers Guild | National Organization for Women, Hawai'i | Chapter National Organization for Women, Seattle Chapter | National Young Women's Day of Action | Network Against the "Counter-Terrorism" Act, NYC | Jo Nguyen, promoter, The Trocadero*, Philadelphia | Nickerson 7 Defense Committee, L.A., CA | Michael Novick, People Against Racist Terror | Dorsey Nunn, Know Injustice Coalition* | Options at Women's Pavilion, Greensboro, NC | Radical Women | Adrienne Rich, poet, Santa Cruz | Robert Rockwell, M.D., National Secretary of Refuse & Resist! | Dread Scott, revolutionary artist, Brooklyn | Eric A. Seitz, attorney, Hawai'i | Rae S. Seitz, M.D., Hawai'i | Seven active-duty US military personnel in Hawai'i | Seven Makua defendants, Hawai'i | Eleanor Smeal, Feminist Majority | Bob Stein, Voyager Company*, and R&R! National Council | Prof. Mark McClain Taylor, Princeton Theological Seminary, coordinator of Academics for Mumia <_>Abu-Jamal*, and R&R! National Council | Danny Tisdale, artist | Tucson Arts Brigade, AZ | Prof. J. Michael Turner, History Dept., Hunter College, CUNY | Miri Vidal, Nuclear Free & Independent Pacific (Hawai'i; Tahiti) | Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Anti- Imperialist | Joe Vlakovsky & Christian Mayfield, former U.S. Marines who refused DNA testing | George W. Webber, NY Theological Seminary* | Ann Whitfield, host, Trancemutation, WTJU-FM, Charlottesville, VA | Patricia Baird Windle, founder and president, Aware Woman Centers, FL and R&R! National Council | Norm Winter, program director, Radio Free Hawaii* | Bob Witanek, New Jersey Speak Out | Paul Wright, Prison Legal News, Washington State Reformatory | Mwalimu X. Yafari, Prison Black Liberation Army* | Zephyr, artist, NYC | Howard Zinn, author, People's History of the United States

* For identification purposes only

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