Issued January 4, 1995 by Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Manifesto of Resistance

On January 4, 1995 the hitmen of the U.S. Congress--led by the Republican Party--started putting their "Contract with America" into effect. This "Contract" is not the will of the people.

The "Contract with America" is nothing but a declaration of war--on Black people, Latinos, and other oppressed peoples, on immigrants, on the poor, on the youth, on women. It is a declaration of war on working people, on all those without large amounts of wealth and capital, and all those who stand for justice, equality, and enlightenment.

This challenge thrown down against the people must and will be answered.



The U.S. ruling class has no answers to the problems of the people. Republicans and Democrats fight over the best way to conduct their war on the poor, but they all share a program of punishment.

What is their solution? Building prisons and more weapons of mass destruction instead of meeting the basic needs of the people; spreading ignorance and prejudice; pitting people against each other; destroying the planet. It is a program to satisfy the needs of the ruling class and their "free market" system of organized robbery--not the needs of the people.

The rich and powerful are blaming the poor and powerless for the problems of this criminal system. In the name of a "war on crime," the government is bringing down extreme measures to repress the people and protect their system. They are using fear, prejudice, and lies to get support for their cruel program--offering pitiful tax cuts while public services fall apart.

The "answers" the system has come up with show that we need another solution--another system--a real revolution.

IT IS TIME FOR RESISTANCE-- As the power structure presses their heartless program into effect, the people need to respond with heart--turning our communities, schools, and workplaces into centers of resistance--to stop the ruling class and their enforcers from degrading and brutalizing the people.

IT IS TIME FOR JUSTICE--time for people in our millions to make a radical break with all the deadend choices offered by the ruling class. The people need to take the future into our own hands. We need real solutions to fundamental problems. We need decent jobs with dignity--not poverty and slavery. We need to do away with the conditions that cause crime, not criminalize the poor. We say: Stop giving billions to parasites who don't earn them. Take the ruling class off welfare--overthrow the capitalist system.

IT IS TIME FOR EQUALITY. We reject this system of organized greed backed up by high-tech weapons --invading countries and dominating whole peoples all over the world. We reject this outmoded social system where women are degraded and white supremacy is practiced. We reject the idea that any child is "illegitimate" or "inferior." We fight for all the children--for a world where the common people work in common for the common good.

IT IS TIME FOR HEROES--time to live and fight for the people. As we build our resistance today, we need to prepare for the day when conditions are right for a decisive showdown--when the system is weak enough and the people are strong enough to move from resistance to revolution. Because in the final analysis, only a real revolutionary war can overthrow and uproot this system and all its evils. Only through hard struggle can we get rid of this dog-eat-dog profit culture where a class of bloodsuckers controls all the resources created by the labor of millions.

Sisters and brothers, the RCP is prepared and determined to stand with people in the fight against the system, to find the ways collectively to wage this fight--not to sell out or turn back, no matter what the enemy uses to come at us, whether it be bullets or bribes. We are willing and ready to take on the responsibility of building the revolutionary understanding, organization, unity, and fighting ability of the people, and to carry this fight all the way through.

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