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Report from Chiapas: Campesinos with Guns

Following the New Year's 1994 uprising in Chiapas, correspondent Michael Slate traveled to Mexico to explore the roots of the new insurgency and the situation of the campesinos. In this series, originally published in the Revolutionary Worker between August and December 1994, Slate shares his findings with the RW. In the concluding parts of this series, Slate takes us into Zapatista territory. In the final chapter, he looks at how the uprising has impacted on the peasant women.

  • San Cristóbal de las Casas
  • Chamula: The Fight for Land
  • Ejido Realities
  • Rebels in the Forest
  • Uprising and Army Revenge at Ocosingo
  • Zapatista Territory
  • Waiting for the War
  • Waiting for the Land
  • An Awakening of Women

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